The Tube: As villains take center stage, ‘Gotham’ forges its own path through the Batman mythos


The first season of Gotham, FOX’s exploration of the Batman mythos beginning from the moment Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered, was, at best, uneven. Driven by strong performances, including that of Shueyville, Iowa native Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, the show nevertheless floundered about as characters and storylines were introduced, dropped and (sometimes) revisited. […]

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Comics: ‘Saints’ Be Praised

Writer Sean Christopher Lewis and artist Benjamin Mackey — each of whom has contributed to the Iowa City arts scene in a variety of ways and settings — are now the co-creators of Saints, a new comic series that imagines the Catholic saints as reluctant superheroes in what may well be the Last Days. The […]

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Comics: A look back at Phantom Jack

Sometimes, something forgotten and flawed is just as interesting as, if not more interesting than, something new and perfect. Case in point, the 2005 Speakeasy Comics edition of Phantom Jack I found on the benefit table outside The Haunted Bookshop in Iowa City. I’d never heard of the title, but a quick examination revealed that […]

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