Movie Review: Australia

Australia Directed by Baz Luhrman Drama, 165 Minutes One of the great pleasures of the movies is seeing what a purposeful filmmaker can do with an old genre or story by attempting to remake it in her or his own image. Such was the case with Baz Luhrman’s last film, 2001’s Moulin Rouge, his hyperkinetic […]

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Appaloosa Movie review

Appaloosa Narrative, 108 min Directed by Ed Harris Once upon a time in the American cinema, the western was king. Between the silent era and the late 1970’s, the U.S. film industry churned out thousands of western movies, most of them toward the end of that time starring Clint Eastwood. Not so today, when fans […]

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Righteous Kill Movie Review

Righteous Kill Drama, 101 min Directed by Jon Avnet The buddy cop film has been a staple of the American cinema since at least the 1970’s, and it’s been tooled for everything from suspense to comedy to straight action, but rarely has it actually been about friendship. That makes Righteous Kill, the new cop drama […]

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