Dancing their visions for a decade — Iowa Dance at 10

Jesse Factor

Iowa Dance 2016: Dancing Our Visions Multiple Venues — Thursday–Saturday, Apr. 28–30 For the tenth year in a row, community members will be treated to a series of free dance performances, workshops and events in downtown Iowa City this weekend. (Full disclosure: The author of this piece is a dancer with the Champagne Academy of […]

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The Force is strong with Eastern Iowa families

The Force Awakens in Eastern Iowa

Last Thursday night, a man dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi strode confidently through the lobby of Coralville’s Coral Ridge Cinema. Greeted by shouts of “Cool costume!” and “Hey, it’s Obi-Wan!,” he smiled at the strangers, posed for a few quick photos, and then quickly joined a group of friends in line, waiting to be seated for […]

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