Astrology Forecast: May 2010

Stars Over Iowa City: May 2010 – FOR EVERYONE ~ The future is kicking in. Pressures are ratcheting up, the pace of change is increasing. Also, the general level of turmoil will increase, increasing opportunities to put changes in place. Practical obstacles to change are falling away. Those in favor of change have the planetary winds at their back and the planetary bit between their teeth. There is no end in sight. Just about everyone accepts that big changes are needed – or inevitable. But all this is very stressful. Our minds and emotions are in overdrive. Stay abreast of developments, but schedule in a bit more R&R. Avoid overindulgence as a way to escape the pressure.


ARIES ~ Count to ten. Your impatience this month is high, even for you. You’ll want to light a fire under everyone and hope for the best. But the obstacles to quick resolution of just about anything are too numerous and too big. Instead, you must hunker down. It’s going to be a long and potentially stressful battle, and right now, your allies are few. But your personality is sparkling and your enthusiasm and powers of persuasion are significantly enhanced. Still, you’d best practice staying patient and calm. Financial prospects are encouraging.

TAURUS ~ Stay within bounds. You will continue to be amazed by how much freedom of movement you enjoy amidst the present tension, turmoil and uncertainty. Your increased charm and good luck will be further enhanced by heightened charisma. But there is a catch . . . or two. Your good fortune will last as long as you work for the greater good. If you seek personal advantage, your luck could evaporate. Quickly. Use your personal charms to create harmony in your environment. Romantic ‘experimentation’ will set the rumor mill in motion, in a bad way.

GEMINI ~ Preoccupations. Your mind is overflowing with ideas and inspiration, some of it kind of deep. You’re also acutely aware of the difficulties that everyone is facing. You have a lot of influence, though. Your thoughts and words are echoed everywhere you go. People need your help putting things in perspective. No matter how complicated your thoughts and feelings, you need to keep it simple, honest and fair, or the rumor mills will start churning. Some will use any reason to discredit you. Financial and professional pressures will soon ease significantly.

CANCER ~ Facilitate. Your own inclination to worry about things that will not directly affect you could be your biggest problem this month. People are going through some tough changes because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control, especially at work, and you are picking up on that. But the reality is that you are in a good position to further your own long-term goals. Use your sensitivity and understanding of the issues to help others adapt. Spend wisely. Upcoming planetary changes could tighten Cancerian budgets, or introduce a little unpredictability. Practice stress-reduction techniques.

LEO ~ Delay helps. You might be experiencing frustration and impatience, but delays could very well be working in your favor. The planets will soon be moving into positions far more favorable to Leo. Trying to force things through now, instead of waiting, could easily make things worse, if it isn’t just a complete waste of effort. Things are complicated, and they will remain so, but in the coming months, you will find yourself in much greater harmony with the flow of events. Meanwhile, participate in efforts to re-think and revise plans.

VIRGO ~ Long-term optimism. Virgos are being cast as cheerleaders for difficult, but necessary, long-term efforts. Higher ups want you to be the ambassador for a series of innovative projects. Don’t be discouraged by the size of the enterprise. You are surprisingly well-placed to achieve this goal. Growth in income could slow down, soon, however. Focus on changes that enhance assets and income stability. Your current task as ambassador for new and difficult (but necessary) projects will help in financial areas. A recent tendency to fatigue easily will pass as summer begins.

LIBRA ~ Transition. For a while, Librans will be free of recent pressures. Financially, you will also have much more room to maneuver. Use this time to make needed changes because the pressure will ratchet up again later this spring. The hectic pace of change in work areas will abate. Long-term, your work life will become significantly easier, simpler, and more profitable. However, you will soon be associating with more innovative, unconventional and unpredictable people. Key partners will also show a degree of restlessness, assertiveness and independence not apparent before. Brace yourself.

SCORPIO ~ Intensity. Excitement (perhaps even a little turmoil) among close friends and acquaintances in your neighborhood could increase the pressure on you to take a stand, or accept an arrangement that you think is doubtful. But you can achieve a great deal by working indirectly, through people with influence in the community. You can even bring about welcome changes in the attitudes of anyone who is pressuring you. Still, it could get tiresome. For the foreseeable future you’ll be in greater harmony with all healing processes. Expect improvements in your health.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Resolution. From now on, you will be in greater harmony with the forces of change, generally. Tensions that have simmered for a long time will reach a satisfying resolution, soon. Some resolutions will arrive on their own. Your ability to command an audience and convince others is at a high point, too. However, romantic issues will remain difficult to resolve. The planets want you to seek greater understanding before giving the go ahead. The issues are pretty deep and require close attention. A romantic misstep now could cost you dearly.

CAPRICORN ~ The long haul. The challenges now showing up at home, at work, and in many key relationships are here to stay for awhile. You’ll have to steer a steady and careful course in waters that will get pretty rough from time to time. The decisions you finally make will affect work and home life. The planets suggest that you adopt a determined but patient approach. You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just time to deal with a number of genuinely important issues and they cannot be finessed, or rushed, or avoided.

AQUARIUS ~ Important decisions loom. The winds of change are blowing hard through the world you know and love. Soon, the growing pressure to change will bring actual change and you will need to make some choices. As you emerge from a lengthy time of relative seclusion, be sure to do some reality checks. Many of your favorite beliefs might be out of sync with current reality. Your home and family are under definite protective influences, for the time being. There’ll be plenty of room to maneuver. Distant resources are temporarily available.

PISCES ~ Pressure, with options. Dramatic changes will soon begin in financial areas. Some options will be taken off the table, new opportunities will arise. Some of these have solid potential. Your options are actually fairly numerous. But you must mold the available material into a profitable whole. You’ll need to make hard choices. However, if you leverage community resources properly, things will fall into place more easily than you might think. You will need to use credit more wisely. Bring long-term financial affairs into line with realistic expectations, and vice versa.