Stars Over Iowa City: June 2010

Astrology: June 2010~ FOR EVERYONE ~ The road to somewhere new. June’s vibes will tear up all roads leading to the past and break our links with life as we knew it. They will leave us with a whole lot of questions about the future, too. But June’s vibes will also empower the innovators, the reformers, the new people, at the expense of the establishment. They are also strongly protective and supportive vibes, and many will find willing allies and sympathetic listeners as they make their way forward. June’s aspects won’t let us go backwards and they show us a future that is still mostly question marks. But they will also strongly support us as we create a future for ourselves and our loved ones.


ARIES ~ A different idea. Get used to it. Your life is about change and rebellion now. Holding your newly rebellious spirit in check could backfire. Those in charge are still handing down ultimatums, but you’re less inclined to cooperate. Others are in the mood to go along with you. Interactions with coworkers or dependents could set the spark. Soon, you could be openly discussing how to get around those foolish orders higher-ups are issuing. You’ll need to update life goals in line with unexpected events, events that will also remove some big obstacles to progress.

TAURUS ~ Stay on task. The big issues are taking care of themselves this month. The challenges are closer to home, and at work. Strong emotions could create unnecessary complications in both places. Your emotions could also lead you into unwise personal entanglements or power struggles that are best avoided. Do not let intense emotions rule your actions. Focus on getting the job done and staying out of trouble. Use your enhanced charisma to encourage and motivate others. Apply your good sense and hard work to making unavoidable changes go smoothly.

GEMINI ~ Positive change. Recent changes have been hard on Gemini. But you are now in greater harmony with the forces of change–and with higher-ups. You’ll find yourself present at important discussions. There is definitely still a tone of austerity and challenge underlying these discussions. However, with negotiation, you can help make necessary changes more palatable to all concerned. You can help integrate some genuinely inspiring new possibilities into future plans, too. The new planetary arrangement will also help you get better control of your own future. Unforeseen events will simplify choices.

CANCER ~ Epicenter. Times are tough and Cancerians are feeling like sympathy central. Your message to others must be this: Think it through; then work it through. There are no magical cures. And don’t look back. Events will soon block any return to the past and raise the cost of hesitation. The same pressures are motivating you to make big changes in your own life. Finances have been tight, but they will soon be tighter. Despite everything, the planets have erected a protective and supportive shield around your life. Go forward with confidence.

LEO ~ Emphasize the opportunities. There’s no missing the stress and turmoil around you. But don’t miss the opportunities now emerging everywhere. And don’t neglect your ability to help yourself and others take advantage of these opportunities. You are in tune with the forces causing these changes and you have lots of leverage over the process of change itself–more than you realize. You can change anxiety about uncertainty and unknowns into enthusiasm for all the new possibilities. Deception and/or confusion is highly likely in romantic areas. Wait to see the whole picture.

VIRGO ~ Step by step. It’s complicated. Those at both ends of the chain of command are relying on you. Those in authority back you, but they expect backing in return. Those on the front lines expect your understanding and cooperation, too. Keeping everyone satisfied while you also keep things moving forward will be tough. However, most will understand your situation. BTW, they haven’t written the textbook for what you are about to try. You’ll have to improvise. A lot. You’re taking the first steps to long-term success and personal fulfillment.

LIBRA ~ Proceed with caution. An alluring, unconventional and unruly influence is settling into a key point in Libra’s chart. Hint: Relationships could get changeable and unpredictable. This adds to an already tough planetary lineup, and there’s more to come. Energy could get low and resources tight. Despite these impressive challenges, events will soon remove many obstacles to fulfillment of some of your fondest dreams. Do what is necessary to stabilize long-term financial prospects. Separate realistic from unrealistic goals. Events beyond anyone’s control will reshape your future plans, making them more realistic, ultimately.

SCORPIO ~ Tipping point. The balance of power in your life is shifting. If you’ve been wanting more control over where everything is going, in June you’ll get your wish. Conditions are fluid and unpredictable, still, and they will get more so, but Scorpio has leverage, now. Your ideas are influencing the course of events. Your wishes are being respected. Voice your feelings judiciously, and don’t be afraid of a little disagreement with family and/or friends. Feathers could easily get ruffled, but healing will follow. A little friction probably can’t be avoided.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Choices. Ideas and opportunities of many kinds are suddenly available. People are eager to smooth the way to a deal. However, you know there will be problems, no matter what anybody says. Still, you probably can’t avoid a commitment. So check the fine print carefully, and add your own fine print. Some subtle moral and ethical issues are involved, stuff hardly anybody notices or cares about these days. Sagittarians are in a cycle when such seeming abstractions matter a lot–and these can come back to bite them in the butt.

CAPRICORN ~ Patience. Everyone is finding ingenious ways to get around your careful plans–and bust your budget. That’s okay. Really. There are planetary safeguards in place. Besides, you probably can’t avoid some kind of agreement. Some people will eventually come around to your way of thinking. Others will convince you their way is better. Broad-based negotiation is the wave of the future. Carve out more personal time. Changes are afoot in your personal and professional life and you’ll need time and energy to cope. Events will soon clarify your options.

AQUARIUS ~ Luck is with you. Aquarians are experiencing a dramatic transition. Some intense planetary influences are leaving Aquarius. Brighter, simpler, more dynamic influences are taking over. You’ll throw off sparks wherever you go. Lively, energizing interactions will become the norm. The strengths gained from your time of relative seclusion will be invaluable. The price? Shedding old, self-imposed limits on ideas about who you are and what you can achieve. Surprising events will help you introduce the new enhanced Aquarian to the world. Don’t overreact to unexpected turbulence. Supportive and protective forces are at work.

PISCES ~ Complexities. New planetary influences will soon reveal a deeper and more thoughtful Pisces. You’ve probably gotten used to living in the moment. You saw issues in black and white and went for it, or not. New planetary influences will reveal complexities and deepen your understanding. Where you once rushed in, you will hesitate, and think. You will also be increasingly inclined to detach and withdraw. Rapid change and innovation will be the norm where work is concerned. You’ll need to track employment trends carefully to ensure your livelihood and employability.