Astrology Forecast for September 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Revisions, inspiration and determination. September brings a welcome continuation of the *relative* calm that began in August. The big, life changing disasters have stopped happening. The momentum has gone out of many initiatives, too, as we experience delays, postponements and second thoughts about our plans for the future. There will be no road map. There won’t be enough really solid facts to go on. Old, familiar, comfortable ideas will be very obviously irrelevant. Also, new and unfamiliar desires will stir within us. These feelings will inspire us to innovate and take risks. In some cases, though, passions will tempt people completely off course if they are not very careful. In the end, we are going to have to depend a lot on common sense, inspiration, raw determination and the confidence that we can make it all work.


ARIES ~ Oasis. Inspiring, uplifting and healing things are happening now. They are very real, but they aren’t complete solutions. Serious challenges remain. Your partner needs to lighten their load and make a big, permanent course correction in their life. Be realistic about how fast this can happen. Their issues have deep roots in the past and complex implications for the future. They can also complicate the present. Be honest about how much of a burden you can continue to shoulder, too. Still, September’s blessings will help you find a better way.

TAURUS ~ Inspiration. Taureans can expect an inspiring month: deep insights, deep healing and some lucky, but mysterious, ‘coincidences.’ You could also spend rewarding time with people whose deepest interests coincide with your own. September could be a true turning point in your personal life, a milestone in your spiritual growth. This will bring substantial and lasting benefits. These big positives could distract you from less pleasant, ongoing issues, however. Don’t be lulled into complacency. Still, the knowledge and strength you gain in September can help you deal innovatively with all other issues.

GEMINI ~ Reality check. Geminis will have a surprisingly successful month. You have access to powerful and willing ears. The force is very much with you. Genuinely magical things are happening. Lots of very attractive ideas are circulating. But there’s a lot of sloppy thinking going on, too. Dreams and ambitions are mixed with wishful thinking. People are wearing rose-colored glasses. They are glossing over–or completely ignoring–uncomfortable facts. Spend September checking facts and making others do the same. No use letting everybody talk themselves into a complete dreamworld.

CANCER ~ Increasing leverage. September could look like a crisis point. Things are especially worrisome because family and friends are being affected by your choices. But things are better than they appear. Adverse trends have lost momentum. You have more leverage over the situation than you realize. The danger is that you will see conditions as more extreme than they are and make a hasty, wrong choice. Confusion and misinformation are everywhere. Instead, this is a time for careful thought and steady commitment. Think issues through and then, if needed, correct your course.

LEO ~ Avoid euphoria, but don’t panic, either. Your budget seemed about balanced and your plans were in harmony with changes about to go down. But you need to be on the alert. Plans you thought were settled are fluid, again. Revised plans could make financial and job security issues uncertain, again. Don’t listen to pie-in-the-sky types who think they can turn the clock back to before all this started. Ignore the doom and gloomers, too. Dig deeper for better answers. Only act when you have solid reasons. It will take stamina.

VIRGO ~ Partnership complexities. An erratic influence is leaving your partnership sector, but a mystifying, unpredictable influence will soon take its place. Your partner will need lots of personal space in times to come. Work closely with them as you sort through upcoming challenges and opportunities. The wrong move could seriously complicate your relationship. The right move could enrich your relationship deeply. There’s no recipe to follow. Nobody else can figure it out for you. You’ll need experience, logic, and intuition to guide you. You’ll need faith in your own judgment, too.

LIBRA ~ Spirit and matter. You need to make a new place for yourself in the community. You can’t settle for the pleasant, useful, but basically superficial progress that will come so easily now. You’ll need to break established boundaries to make progress on some serious issues. The determination you will feel comes from very deep down . . . or higher up. So don’t be weirded out when you feel a new, exciting energy stir within you. Do be careful, though. Such stirrings have been known to tempt people into ill-advised ‘experiments’.

SCORPIO ~ Turmoil in the neighborhood. Radical changes are going down in your community. Things that people took for granted are ‘in transition.’ Superficially, there is calm, but underneath strong feelings are stirring. The intense mood might undermine your valuable peace of mind if you aren’t careful. Draw the strength needed to help your community from your Higher Power. Your personal world view might need serious updating, though. Our own most cherished beliefs do occasionally need maintenance. However, it’s a difficult task and you should take it one step at a time.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Re-envision finances. Don’t let recent financial improvements lull you into a state of euphoria. There’s no imminent danger of disaster. Things will continue to improve, but it is highly unlikely that financial opportunities will continue to come from the direction you now expect. To prepare for these new and as yet unrevealed opportunities you must change present expectations or maybe just put them on hold. Quiet the mental chatter. Ignore your ego for awhile. Let your intuition speak. This situation is one that require deeper sources of insight than usual.

CAPRICORN ~ Break out. There’s definite improvement, but certain very important issues still stubbornly resist solution. Certain people are not getting the message. It’s maddening. You need to overcome whatever is holding you back and demand action. Put your foot down. The results will be gratifying. It won’t get you all the way there. However, it will start things moving. It will take guts, no doubt. But if you openly assert your will, the opposition will never regain the lost ground. If you don’t, you’ll keep running into the same stone wall.

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AQUARIUS ~ Approaching the gate. The last several years have been private ones for Aquarius. Aquarians recently returned to their outgoing ways only to retreat quickly to a more inward mode. This time, though, your period of quiet will be brief. It would be best not to spend the time daydreaming or reliving the past. Use this period of relative peace to recharge. Aquarian ideas and energies will soon be much in demand. Also, develop a plan that will let you participate more vigorously and profitably in the life of your community.

PISCES ~ Pathfinding. Be thankful for recent advances, but don’t let them distract you from the difficult choices and hard work still ahead. The possibilities seem endless and many are attractive, but most aren’t realistic. Too many are based on old ideas and ambitions and not enough on new facts. There’s time to brood on this tantalizing blend of confusing stuff, if you want. In the end, though, you’ll likely need to just mix a big dose of realism with a bigger dose of determination and go with most promising, and realistic, idea.