Astrology Forecast for September 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Re-empowerment. September’s vibes put just about all the Sun signs in a surprisingly similar situation. All the Sun signs will be under pressure, short on options and in the mood to talk. The planets are downplaying our differences and showing us what we all have in common. They are encouraging us to get over our differences and talk about our mutual needs and concerns. The vibes will enable us to look more deeply into issues than ever before and find options we did not know existed. Deep healing encounters will help people free each other from old patterns, break boundaries and enable them to discover and pursue new paths. September will empower us to meet an unsettling future with renewed insight and confidence.


ARIES ~ Adrift in rough seas. Seldom has Aries faced such complicated decisions amidst such confusion and obstruction. Worse, many are trying to impose their will while others feel blocked and won’t speak up. Your own inner sense of direction seems to be off-line. The planets say that this is a time to commune with others to build a new consensus. Hasty actions will almost certainly backfire. You will be surprised at how many people are looking for someone to talk to, and equally surprised at how helpful such talks will be.

TAURUS ~ Healing discussions. Creative activities, children, friendship and flirtation will provide your greatest satisfaction. Spiritual and psychological insights will help balance the weight of continuing personal concerns. Most of the important, concrete issues (i.e. finances) are up in the air and will remain so for now. As you deal with the economic uncertainty, focus on long-term matters, like savings and investments. Trim expenditures and avoid adding to debt. Heartfelt conversations will be comforting and healing. They will also help you find a good direction to go in when momentum returns.

GEMINI ~ Difficult conversations. Many are talking like they are out of time, out of patience and in the mood to do something drastic. It’s worrisome, but pointless. There isn’t much anyone can do now. Things aren’t ready to happen, not for anyone. But frustration could easily lead to tough talk and some acting out. You might encounter emotional challenges in otherwise friendly social situations. You can defuse tense situations and help make progress by standing your ground. A little sincerity and common sense can turn confrontations into deep and rewarding discussions.

CANCER ~ Safety-valve. If you feel like emotions are running too high everywhere you go, it’s because they are. Unfortunately, many are ready to blow, while others are feeling blocked. Still others are going in circles. You might feel blocked or inhibited yourself. Don’t be. These challenges play right into Cancerian strengths. You don’t want to do or say anything rash, especially if finances are at stake. However, you can use your famous powers of empathy and intuition to help people open up and release their difficult and troubling thoughts and feelings.

LEO ~ Fear itself. Other people are having a particularly hard time dealing with out of control thoughts and feelings. Leo’s success, both personal and financial, depends on helping them cope. Many are just waiting to be encouraged. Others need to be talked into compromise. Still others need to be coaxed out of their shells. Those running in circles need a direction to go in. For some, their worst fears could be blocking progress. (I didn’t say it would be easy.) Helping people process their issues will bring surprising and concrete benefits.

VIRGO ~ Delicate maneuvers. Some very big financial decisions are being made under great pressure. They aren’t likely to be decided this month. Final word won’t come for some time. By then, a lot of important things will have changed. However, certain people, impatient with delay and determined to have their way, could try hard to impose a solution prematurely. They won’t succeed, but they can upset lots of people. By moderating in depth, off-the-record discussions, you can relieve the anxiety, ease the tension and help move things in a better direction.

LIBRA ~ Power play. Librans are facing an extremely complex, high-pressure situation. Home and family as well as professional issues are approaching the boiling point–all at the same time. Someone at home could try to force the situation. Force will only make the situation considerably worse. Hasty, poorly thought out decisions could make the situation worse too. The pieces aren’t ready to fall into place. However, the climate is right for heart-to-heart discussions. They could take you much deeper into the issues than you thought possible, in a good way.

SCORPIO ~ Sanctuary. There is no shortage of turmoil around you. Friends, neighbors and relatives are experiencing life-changing events with all the conflict, drama and turmoil that goes with them. It is hard to watch all this happening. Things are beginning to resolve themselves for Scorpio. You can feel your own power and influence returning. However, your power is limited. Be realistic about what you, and others, can achieve under present circumstances. These waters run deep. People are ready to talk about things they have been quiet about for a long time.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Difficult discussions. Events are forcing hard choices in professional and personal areas. Certain people could try to force a disagreeable outcome. The situation isn’t as black and white as they think it is, though. Their hand isn’t as strong as they think it is, either. You can now get deeper into issues everybody thought were settled. The planets are also empowering everyone to deal with issues they didn’t want to face in the past. Negotiations are really just getting started. Discussions held now can open up new realms of possibility.

CAPRICORN ~ Be open. You will feel encouraging and long anticipated forward movement in some very important areas of your life. However, you might be surprised and discouraged by the delays you still face as well as the resistance to ideas you think are perfectly reasonable. People in high places are also dealing with very delicate issues that, if not handled just so, could bring embarrassment and hardship to many people. Instead of insisting that your ideas be acted upon, support the important discussions and explorations that are going on around you.

AQUARIUS ~ Stay grounded. There is anxiety about partnership issues. Financial issues remain a concern. News of worrisome changes is coming from far and near. Personal revelations could be upsetting. Don’t dwell on weak points or vulnerabilities. Resist a renewed desire to retreat from the world and it’s problems. Help will come from sources Aquarians understand and appreciate. Discussion of important issues has been blocked, trapping everyone in old patterns. Deep, intense personal interactions will release trapped potentials. Fortunate coincidences that are helpful to everyone present will spontaneously occur in your presence.

PISCES ~ One step at a time. Employment and partnership issues refuse to settle down or even clarify themselves. Some people want to force a difficult situation in a direction you don’t want it to go. Fortunately, not everyone involved is ready to move forward. Delays and resistance are holding things up. Negotiations continue, too. New, revealing facts are coming to light, also. These things will all work strongly in your favor. Some good financial news will help in many areas. It will be especially beneficial in the area of personal relationships.