Astrology Forecast for November 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Promise. November brings three contradictory things. One is a barrage of virtually insurmountable hurdles, obstacles that we must often work hard to overcome. It also brings tremendous inspiration and hope for the future. Finally, it brings the beginning of significant progress after months of delay and uncertainty. We must use the month’s inspirational vibes for guidance and the growing momentum to start working through the obstacles toward new goals. The world is in a very fluid state. People are open to new ideas and ready for change. Things we might have thought unrealistic just a few weeks ago now show promise. Opportunities we might not have known existed now beckon us forward.


ARIES ~ Push comes to shove. November brings a mix of challenges and visions of a brighter future. The challenges are real, but so are the possibilities for a more attractive future. And it is clear that, despite the challenges, the future can be much better than the past. Knowing that will make it easier to convince family and close friends to make needed adjustments and allowances. To enable progress, everyone’s expectations must be harmonized with new realities. All must take their share of responsibility to realize future potentials in good time.

TAURUS ~ Persistence and cooperation. Your work situation is growing more challenging as the powers that be cope with economic events beyond anyone’s control. Adjustments are unavoidable. You understand the necessary trade offs. You can do more, but you have your limits. Some things will stay the same, but something will definitely have to give. In the end, you will need to change the way you work and/or adjust personal activities so you can continue to function successfully on the job. Visions of future possibilities inspire and motivate you to persist.

GEMINI ~ Maneuverability. You will find yourself less restricted and less upset by ongoing events than others. You will also be better able to use the situation to your advantage. You will find your mind brimming with insights and useful suggestions. People will be in need of your ideas and inclined to take your advice. You could find yourself treading a somewhat more solitary path in days to come, however, as you redefine the meaning of affection and friendship. It is time to start harmonizing your social involvements with your higher aspirations.

CANCER ~ New foundations. The disruptive events of November set off a lengthy and thoroughgoing lifestyle transformation for Cancerians. The material and the philosophical foundations of your life begin to shift simultaneously. You will find yourself envisioning a new way to live and a new place to live in. It will take time and effort to realize what you envision, though. These are the kinds of changes you must make one slow, well-planned step at a time. Most important, you must successfully achieve certain financial goals before you start making firm commitments.

LEO ~ Hard work and politics. Inspiration, enthusiasm and nervous energy are running high. However, realizing the changes you envision will take lots of hard work. The forces of change are affecting key areas of your life, so you have to keep moving forward. Frustration and nervous exhaustion could set in. The trick is to transform the nervous energy into the kind of patience and dedication that is needed. Although it is subtle and indirect, you have real influence over the decision-making process. Improvement in long-term financial areas is around the corner.

VIRGO ~ Shape the future. November brings a mix of tantalizing future prospects and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You know absolutely that the prospects are realistic. But you also know that if they are to pan out, you’ll need to motivate people. Along with this realization will come a seemingly magical ability. You’ll be able to reshape the hopes and desires of others in accordance with your own visions of the future. Using such power is risky, but you’ll need to if you and others are to overcome the obstacles you all face.

LIBRA ~ Dreams and realities. Visions of ideal romantic situations and other alluring possibilities are potent distractions. But responsibilities weigh heavily. Big financial decisions and economic challenges loom and, truth to tell, energy is a bit low. Enjoy the visions, and the distractions. Let them motivate you and help you choose your goals. But you must settle down and start making the choices that will streamline your existence. It is high time to let go of involvements that only weigh you down. Bring your lifestyle your resources and your goals into harmony.

SCORPIO ~ Strive. The situation is very complex and very simple. Complicated circumstances are, well, forcing you to make lots of adjustments. It is simple because you really just have to do it all. However, if you work it just right, you can move everything in the direction of dreams that are quietly, and secretly, motivating your thoughts. You can create a living situation that is more affordable, more loving and more in accord with your own preferences. Self-healing is a big priority. Stalled financial issues will also begin to move forward.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Planning and leadership. You can see beyond current difficulties. Your visions for the future are turning attractive – and realistic – enough to inspire yourself and others. You can, in fact, influence how others see the future. Your most immediate and important task, however, will be to update your personal goals to suit new realities and your new vision for the future. You also need to consult friends and others in your community. They need help formulating plans. That will help all concerned define goals and devise a good strategy.

CAPRICORN ~ Crunch time. Events are forcing changes in just about every key area of your life. These changes are irresistible and permanent. You do not lack for access, influence or power. You know what there is to know. By now, you have moved beyond easy answers and quick fixes. You are ready for reliable, realistic guidance. You can also help others cope. You understand how today’s tough choices will lead to a much brighter future. People need to see that connection and showing it to them will inspire and motivate them.

AQUARIUS ~ Impose order. Aquarius is ground zero for a big release of energy. Positive, inspiring, exciting energies will collide with blocking, challenging energies. For every challenge, there is an inspiring and energizing response. Many stalled issues and projects will start moving forward too, creating opportunities. It will be your job to bring the visions and opportunities together with the challenges to produce progress. The overall effect could be a little overwhelming. You will probably have to lay down some ground rules to handle the traffic. Make time for rest and recreation.

PISCES ~ Momentum increases. “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy,” goes the old song. That is good advice for Pisces this month. You will be talking to people you never thought you’d talk to about thoughts you never thought you’d think. It is past time to break out of old patterns and if this burst of energy doesn’t do it, nothing will. This can be a very nervous-making process, though. Schedule some downtime. Give it some time. Things will fall together more smoothly than you might think.

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