Astrology Forecast for May 2011


Cascade. A lot of things will happen very fast in May. Many of these things will be important and many will be irreversible. Luck will frequently step in and take a hand. But many will be tempted by the chance to make a power play or a shady move. May will be complicated, eventful and fateful, but it’s only the prelude to still more complicated and fateful months just ahead. So take advantage of whatever good May brings; deal with the changes, good, bad and indifferent. And hold something in reserve for as yet unforeseen challenges. Try to keep commitments flexible.


Simple and straightforward. This is a very Aries month. The vibe is energetic, forward looking and adventuresome. Aries is in a commanding position, too. There’s resistance to be overcome and many are in a bind and can’t help much. Money is tight. But there’s magic in the air. A little effort will often bring unexpectedly generous results. You do need to be careful. Keep dealings simple and open. There’s trouble to be gotten into otherwise. Some are willing to take the shady route or force issues that deserve careful negotiation.


Introspection. April brings an awareness of all you might have left undone or the important goals you might not have achieved. The price of any omissions or oversights will be very clear. The clock is ticking, the pressure is on and quick fixes are unlikely. The next few months will provide lots of helpful insight about where you might have gone wrong and how you might do better in the future. Use this insight to your advantage when a whole new cycle of personal and financial growth begins in June.


Proxy fight. Events point to change as far as the mind’s eye can see. Those in charge are depending heavily on you. Your reach in the community will let you shape events in ways they cannot. Things are complicated and confusing and there’s plenty of room for mischief and manipulation by self-serving people. So you’ll need to exercise independent judgment and use your initiative often to keep important priorities on track. There are surprisingly positive, constructive forces at work. They will reward your efforts more generously than you might think.


Pause. There is an awful lot going on and it’s important to you, but there isn’t much you can do to directly affect the outcome. It’s all too complicated; it’s all too big; there are too many people involved. Too much depends on what you’ve done—and left undone—in the past. But there’s a lot of reason to believe that the outcome will favor you. Behind-the-scenes maneuvers will benefit you, too. Next month, finances will improve noticeably. You will also experience some dramatic and positive inner changes.


Proceed with caution. Events have definitely reached a tipping point and momentum is still building. Some confidence is justified. However, in all the excitement, there’s a strong possibility of double dealing and other kinds of mischief. There is a lot of uncertainty, too, especially about finances. Fate could soon deal everyone a wild card or two. Your cooperation is needed and, realistically, you have to participate. You’d best hedge your bets, though. Protect against unexpected consequences where investments are concerned. Watch out for shady deals and power plays.


Check IDs. The speed and complexity of change will increase dramatically and so will your involvement. Your whole life will be affected. A seductive and mysterious influence is also drawing attractive and fascinating people to you. Many won’t be what they seem. You could also be drawn to unconventional ideas. This is being caused by a powerful, long-term influence. Your life is becoming more interesting, but more risky. Keep your B.S. detector on high. Re-enforce personal boundaries. Listen, be helpful, but don’t take on other people’s burdens. Safeguard assets.


Threshold. Many Librans are experiencing both a profound personal transformation and a complicated career transition. A rapid sequence of events will soon accelerate these transformations. The past will slip further behind you. Increasingly, you will find yourself among reformers and innovators. Amidst this change, you need to maintain a stable base of operations and, in the face of complicated events, keep your life on track. Remember that you need to achieve and maintain a steady income throughout. Exert as much control as possible over vital details. Financial pressures ease this summer.


Diplomacy. Irritations and disappointments have been piling up. In May, some people will finally let their feelings be known. You, too, might finally put your foot down. Things are going to start happening fast. Some good will come of all this. But May is only the beginning of a period of rapid, confusing and often unexpected change. Firm up support networks and helpful alliances. Proceed cautiously and calmly. An impulsive response might put you at a disadvantage as events continue to unfold. Financially, the upcoming cycle favors consolidation, not expansion.


Ripple effects. May brings a cascade of economic changes. They will move through the lives of your entire social circle, including professional and work friends. You are favorably positioned and the forces of change will flow smoothly through your affairs. Your ideas about change will be of interest to higher ups, too. But use whatever benefits May brings in a self-protective way. More complicated, difficult changes are coming; you’ll need options in the months ahead. Explore relationships with change-minded people. Learn what change means to those who must live through it.


Deliberation. You’ve turned a corner, but it will take time to achieve a new, stable status quo. Temperamentally, you’re out of harmony with the forces of change. It could also be tricky to establish and maintain the alliances you’ll need going forward. That leaves you with bridges to build. Whatever progress you make, you should avoid set commitments. Next month’s events will bring clarity to many situations where confusion now reigns. It will help you understand better what’s ahead. You’ll be glad you kept things flexible. Financial conditions will soon ease noticeably.


Resolute. Lots of Aquarian stuff is starting to happen. The Aquarian spirit is spreading and growing, however gradually, and you are an unavoidable part of that. You are also beginning the next big phase of your personal existence now. Don’t compromise your goals out of impatience or frustration. Don’t be bullied into compromise, either. May is advising you to lay a good financial foundation. A seductive, spendy influence is affecting your personal finances, long-term. Get a handle on this influence now: keep finances simple and straightforward. Stick to your budget.


A strong tailwind. Events are pushing you to explore new horizons, intellectually, spiritually and/or geographically. Your own ambitions are reinforcing this trend. Complex and powerful forces are affecting your personal finances, also. Financial trends are complicated, but basically positive. Necessity, personal motivation and irresistible changes are shaping decisions for you. Optimism is justified. However, it could be hard to do anything but ride the waves and trust that they will take you where you need to go. Next month will show you more clearly what you must do. A restless, nervous-making planetary influence will fade, making it easier to cope, generally. Keep a lid on spending.