Astrology Forecast for March 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Over the threshold. Things will move faster, now. Changes will be more numerous, more frequent and more dramatic, more up front and out in the open, harder to avoid, hard to gauge. Exciting in many ways. Challenging in many ways. More people will move in and out of our lives more often and more quickly. We will also be more open and more welcoming to new people and ideas. To keep our personal and work lives on track, we will need to devote extra time to processing the thoughts and feelings that flow from new and unexpected experiences. A little extra time comparing notes with trusted friends and allies wouldn’t go amiss.


ARIES ~ Rapid transition. You’ll soon be in the middle of major changes you’ve been planning for a long time. The onset of actual change coincides with the start of a new, 12-year cycle of healing, growth and expansion. The stars are with you. Now that things are really starting to happen, keep your partners and allies on board. That will take a steady, confident approach. You’ll have to translate support and enthusiasm into practical, real world actions. This big release of changeful energies will affect your health in a good way.

TAURUS ~ Intoxication plus. Taurus is getting hit with several ‘destabilizing’ vibes. You could feel: extreme impatience with your own situation in life; a tendency to have numerous infatuations at once; completely unrealistic levels of idealism. All of the above long-term. Escapism is fun. So are flirtations. Idealism is enjoyably uplifting. But this could get extreme and go on for awhile. Do try to keep your feet on the ground even as the planets try to sweep you off your feet. If this happened to anyone but levelheaded Taurus I’d be worried.

GEMINI ~ Ultimatum? Authority figures, mostly at work, will speak firmly and loudly about how things will definitely have to be. It might be intimidating and worrisome, at first. However, you will ultimately find yourself in harmony with the forces of change. Those stern mandates could morph into vague, idealistic goal-setting. You could even find the pursuit of these goals liberating. Still, this will go on for a long time. Take steps to keep your life simple, organized and on track as these seductive and confusing forces take over.

CANCER ~ High(ly) wire(d) act. Your ambitions will meet up with the raw material for success. You will have the high energy needed to combine the two. Overcoming inertia and countering resistance will also be easier than you think. Your charisma will be enhanced. Your intuitive powers will kick into overdrive. Luck and a little leg work should supply the rest. However, these high energy levels could cause strain. This is especially true since we are talking about long-term influences. You definitely need to protect yourself against overdoing.

LEO ~ Plan A = Plan B. You might think you can avoid all the frantic changes, the overly idealistic chatter and stay detached, calm and grounded. Nope. Ultimately, the stimulating ideas, changeful events and seductive interpersonal energies will be impossible to resist. Actually, the stars have in mind a specific role for you: go-between. You have surprising influence with decision makers. You’ll need to use this influence, often, to help keep things on track for everybody. You can’t avoid it. Just try not to, you know, get caught in a crossfire.

VIRGO ~ Hard facts. You sympathize with those making needed changes. You sympathize with those forced to accept those changes, who increasingly want a bigger say in the process. However, neither side sympathizes with the other. Only you seem to understand how important cooperation is. You need to point out the mistakes both sides are making, which could easily wear out your welcome in both camps. Focus on the real bits, the parts where the rubber hits the road, however unpleasant. Idealistic abstractions, for example, will seriously confuse the issue.

LIBRA ~ Reality checks mandatory. Read the fine print, twice. It would be easy to end up on the wrong end of a one-sided deal that started out seeming very attractive. You are coming under deceptive, confusing and highly seductive influences. Idealistic notions, romantic overtures, projects at work, medical diagnoses, personal relationships, whatever. With everything that’s happening and all the people you need to deal with, it won’t be easy. However, your welfare and that of everyone who relies on your judgment needs you to keep making clear and accurate judgments.

SCORPIO ~ More solid ground. You will soon have more leverage in relationships where you are dependent or must take orders. You can learn anew and grow in these relationships and better assert your independence. You will also be in greater harmony with mysterious ‘currents’ that might have destabilized your home situation previously. Spiritual insights will enrich your personal involvements and empower you. All told, you can take a firmer, more confident hand in guiding your own affairs. A conservative approach to finances is strongly recommended as earnings tend to plateau.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Strong currents. Your biggest priority is a steady income. You’re determined to land on your feet, financially. But it’s getting tougher to keep your footing. You have a growing sympathy for unconventional, protesty sorts. Mysterious forces are undermining personal beliefs. Other forces are loosening ties to home and family. This is a long-term process and there won’t be quick resolutions. You’ll need to figure it out, over time. You will remain in surprising harmony with the overall flow of events, though. And your luck will run unusually strong, for awhile.

CAPRICORN ~ Flexibility needed. Your grip on the overall situation remains surprisingly firm. Personal charisma and moral authority remain strong. You can still impose order by the sheer force of your presence. However, unconventional, non-conformist ideas have a growing influence. Rebellious attitudes and unruly impulses are increasing. Let decisions be influenced by more idealistic, spiritually-minded people as well as the more commonsensical. Their moral support is valuable. Their advice will also help you chart a new course. Any financial difficulties you are experiencing will moderate. However, finances will remain a concern.

AQUARIUS ~ Aquarius is back. Years of private, solitary transformation are over. You, your ideas and/or your personal ideals will be at center stage often from now on. Those familiar with the quiet, reclusive Aquarius (including yourself) will be happily surprised by the self-confident, outgoing person now before them. You could very often find yourself challenging authority, apathy or entrenched ideas in coming months and years; you might need to polish up your diplomatic skills. As your community involvements and personal commitments expand, don’t get overextended, either financially or in other, more subtle ways.

PISCES ~ Self-possession. You have been feeling rebellious and ready for big challenges, except when you’ve been feeling reclusive and self-protective. It’s been tough to strike a balance. You’ve chosen the quiet, self-protective option whenever possible. The world is getting ever more challenging and intrusive and you’ll find it harder to indulge your reclusive inclinations. Fulfilling your financial needs will require a more outgoing approach. However, you will be in far better touch with your core, Piscean strengths. That will enable you to meet the world on a more equal footing.