Astrology Forecast for July 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Transition with a capital “T.” In July, a lot of complicated things happen all at once. We bid a final goodbye to the world as we once knew it and welcome a new state of affairs. We begin dealing in earnest with the nitty gritty details of this transition. People go head to head with each other and with higher ups over big changes now going into effect. Still more new changes begin to happen. And then there are all those unexpected and changeful events. On the upside, events will remove many obstacles to important goals. The planets are also providing a strong safety net. Risk of harm or failure is far smaller than it might appear right now. Fortune will favor those who act boldly, based on sound insight and strong principle.


ARIES ~ Conflicting signals. You have a renewed sense of empowerment. Your mind is full of promising ideas. People quietly, or not so quietly, acknowledge this. Obstacles to progress are disappearing. None of this is your imagination. The planets have put the ball squarely in your court. A new cycle of growth is beginning for you. Still, those in positions of authority and key partners could be feeling cautious or simply resist your ideas. Pay attention to their objections. They really do know something you don’t. Discussion and cooperation will reward you.

TAURUS ~ Falling barriers, surging emotions. Keep your wits about you. Barriers that have kept you from deeper involvement in your community will fall. Boundaries that have kept you from more intimate involvement with those you already know will weaken. Take advantage of these falling social barriers to facilitate changes that need to happen. But you need to keep things uncomplicated. Following a self-centered agenda or putting personal romantic goals foremost will lead to difficulties. Things that are important to your community and your friends and acquaintances will remain undone.

GEMINI ~ Overstimulation. You might have to explain six impossible things to several people at a time, several times a day, every day. Explaining tricky stuff when the stakes, and emotions, are high running can be challenging. You could become overtaxed, but you might well be the only one who can do the job. There are also deceptive influences at work. Avoid trouble by remaining detached and objective. Attend to your personal financial affairs. Unexpected events will help resolve some tough financial issues and open the way to greater security.

CANCER ~ Sound and fury. The turbulence around you can seem extreme. It isn’t just intense emotional stuff. Things are starting to happen and you definitely feel like you’re in the middle of it. At work, the rank and file are losing patience. Those on top risk actually losing control of the situation. You are well-positioned to weather the storm, professionally, however. A change in your personality will empower you. You’ll be able to speak your mind more easily and effectively and put important things into words in helpful and healing ways.

LEO ~ Networking. Something big is afoot. People are intense, on the move, opening up to each other, and trying new stuff. You are the same way yourself, actually. The social world is alive with new possibilities–and all the hyperactivity and recklessness that comes with the kind of changes going on. Remember that you have more leverage, albeit indirect leverage, over the situation than almost everyone else. You can help people make the connections they need. But keep your wits about you. This isn’t a good time to abandon caution.

VIRGO ~ Major shifts. Socially and professionally, you might be coming at issues from a slightly different angle. Others seem focused only on the positives and managing the short term. You are much more aware of lingering risks and the overall difficulty and seriousness of events. A limiting, burdening influence is finally leaving Virgo. Your energy levels will rise. Long-term opportunities will soon emerge. A strongly expansive influence is now affecting your long-term finances. This is a good thing, as long as it is your assets that grow, and not your debts.

LIBRA ~ Soft landing. You’ve probably seen it coming: a long, tough transition on a tight budget. In July, this transition starts in earnest. Some powerfully supportive aspects will be in force throughout, however. Also, things are in transition now. Libra’s people-handling and partnership-building skills are vitally important as others work to make or keep important connections. Shield vital ongoing relationships from outside pressures as your social contacts multiply. New relationships could will tend to be, um, unruly. Make sure absolutely certain boundaries are not crossed unless *you* want them to be.

SCORPIO ~ Calmer waters. Several difficult, long-term influences are now transitioning into powerful, long-term positives. The situation at home is lightening up. You are now in harmony with powerful healing forces. Your daily routine will become more interesting and uplifting. Your public persona is due for an upgrade. Your challenge will be to resist a tendency to underestimate your own worth. Big changes are afoot in your neighborhood and community and they will influence your quality of life. However, the planets will shield you from any adverse consequences during this adjustment period.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Easier times. Recent planetary changes strongly favor Sagittarius. You are now in greater harmony with several big influences that have been holding you back and weighing on your mind. Your natural optimism and wealth-building talents are returning. Relations with higher-ups are improving. And the winds of change are generally blowing more favorably. But you’ll need to take better care of yourself, even if that just means more rest and relaxation. There are greater demands on your nervous system. You could also be more vulnerable to aches and pains, generally.

CAPRICORN ~ Inside track. Nobody has to tell Capricorns that times are tough, turbulent, and a little strange. In addition to a continuing strain on all systems, July brings a major turning point–and a major opportunity. It will involve some risk and the path ahead isn’t clear. But fortune will favor those Capricorns who exercise bold leadership based on valid insight. The situation is more stable and the risk smaller than they currently appear. Also, the planets have provided Capricorns their very own back channel to help them shape developing situations.

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AQUARIUS ~ The planets are making you aware of ideas you need to let go of, of old mental and emotional baggage that needs to vanish. A bold re-think of who you are and what your life is about will help dramatically with work- or health-related issues. You might experience acute impatience with the limitations of your present living environment. You are in a very rebellious, intensely impatient frame of mind. A bold initiative is needed. But you’ll need a delicate mix of audacity, patience and common sense to succeed.

PISCES ~ Life makeover. A rapid and continuing series of changes–shocks even–will affect your disposable income. Many will have a positive effect. Keep a close eye on your long-term financial prospects, and a lid on your debt levels. That last probably won’t be easy under present conditions, but it’s important that you try. Everything you are going through financially and socially and otherwise is influencing your philosophy of life. Be sure it doesn’t undermine core principles. Your social circle will grow again after a long period of contraction.