Astrology Forecast for July 2009

Astrology Forecast for July 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Take it one step at a time. This is another month when psychological changes outweigh and complicate concrete changes. The planets are breaking up old personal patterns and releasing new potentials, leaving us a little dazed and confused in the process. These processes will conflict with our social and romantic lives as outer events lag behind inner ones. Unexpected events will remove some options and create new ones, adding to the confusion. More big changes are due by year’s end. Generally, we are urged to look beyond our own individual lives and our immediate plans. Progress in financial areas could slow a bit. July will continue the pace of disturbing and sometimes weird headlines.


ARIES ~ Bend in the road. Your home and professional life are about to change significantly. Your financial expectations, especially where a loved one is concerned, need to be altered because of a healing process. These changes will harmonize well with the needs of family, friends and others who depend on you. However, all the changes, even those you consider minor and/or temporary, will be deeper and more lasting than you realize. People in your neighborhood and community will be surprisingly helpful as you seek a more relaxed and healthful lifestyle.

TAURUS ~ Reality check. You need to be more realistic about what you (or anyone else) can do in a day. Maybe the stressful winter left you tired, or the flu hit you harder than usual. Maybe the years are starting to show. This is not a temporary thing. You need to take much more time out for yourself from now on. If others demand your services, ask for more money. Expect changes at work and at home. Options will soon be fewer but more realistic. A financial boost is due.

GEMINI ~ Remain civil and reasonable. Discussions about financial or work-related issues could bring sharp words and bruised feelings. Don’t let volatile emotions guide actions or words in July. It isn’t worth risking valued work relationships or straining family bonds. Channel strong feelings into a firm resolve to work through the issues patiently. Let sober reason make the choices. Your planetary safety net is firmly in place and events will soon simplify your economic choices and clear away deadwood. The needs of people at a distance could be weighing on you.

CANCER ~ Be a mediator. Detachment will help you avoid emotional overload and help you function effectively. Others look to you for emotional guidance and leadership. People are nervous as changes are implemented, with rumors of more changes to come. Your friends’ needs are important, but change is also necessary. Open a dialogue. Things aren’t as bad as people fear. Those in authority can’t make any big moves yet and there are more options than people realize. Surprise events will soon bring greater clarity, removing unrealistic options and clearing obstacles to progress.

LEO ~ Be supportive. There is a tide in human affairs and it is now turning, causing upsets and delay all around. Leo doesn’t have much leverage over events for the moment. Your personal influence over events will rebound in September. Providing emotional support to those in need is your most important role this month. July will bring inner renewal for Leo, too. Old fears and anxieties will lift. Power struggles behind the scenes will have surprising and encouraging outcomes. The emotional needs of others might thwart romantic plans.

VIRGO ~ Time for a rethink? You’re not sure you like the changes taking place. But you aren’t sure you want to fight them either. Complexities are increasing on the job. You’re in a safe spot, but it will take work to overcome barriers to further progress. Your ambitions sometimes seem at odds with reality. Unexpected events will soon clarify your situation and open new doors. Still, it’s probably good to pause and look at the big picture. It could be time for a course correction. Pressures will ease and energy increase by Thanksgiving.

LIBRA ~ Shifting priorities. Conflicts and sudden changes will change the way you see the present and future. You will become aware of wider possibilities that put present worries in perspective. The trick is to develop new opportunities without putting existing arrangements at risk. Unexpected events will help free you up some to pursue these new possibilities. Complications in the lives of friends or loved ones could frustrate romance. You might need to shift romantic inclinations into more practical and helpful channels. A cycle of challenge and decision begins as the year ends.

SCORPIO ~ New self-image. Your expanding roots in the community and developments in your intellectual and spiritual life will come together in new and unexpected ways. They will redefine your identity, changing the way people think of you. Outdated ideas about who you are will drop away. The need for healing among family members will trigger a shift in the tone of key relationships. Romantic, playful impulses must give way to more thoughtful and responsible inclinations. Protective and supportive forces are helping with July’s most difficult challenges, especially those affecting the home.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Patience. Haste in sorting out a stalled financial situation will take you around in circles. These issues need extensive discussion and care. Unexpected events will redirect efforts in more realistic and promising directions. In a few months things will start moving forward on their own, ending suspenseful delays. Pressures will ease more by November. The need to recover from recent strains could put a damper on your love life. Helping others adjust to change will turn out to be more important. Don’t worry excessively. Your situation is surprisingly resistant to mishap.

CAPRICORN ~ Balancing act. It’s tough to be realistic and optimistic at the same time, to maintain order in the ranks while making needed changes and guessing at the unknowns. You’ll need to show self-discipline and leadership. But the emergence of a new you will help. People will see you differently as old ideas of who you are suddenly drop away and a new you appears. Imminent changes will bring a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle and more time for loved ones. Your influence over events will increase as summer winds down.

AQUARIUS ~ Not yet. Your are experiencing inner changes. But now isn’t the time to make outward changes. Your new self isn’t quite ready to emerge. Late summer would be a better time to start outer lifestyle changes. It would be good to keep existing romantic ties for all kinds of reasons. But with everything you are working through, you need more privacy and personal space. So keep your home base to yourself, for now. It’s good to share your life with romantic partners, but you need your space at home.

PISCES ~ Take it slow. The planets are stirring up a lot of stuff. Psychological barriers and limitations are breaking down. A new world of possibilities is opening up. Relations with your community are shifting dramatically. You need to save time and energy to work through the important changes now taking place in your own life. If you are drawn to someone socially or romantically, keep it light. There are many layers of complexity you can’t see yet. And a whole new cycle of growth and expansion will begin by year’s end.