Astrology Forecast for January 2011

Astrology Forecast for January 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Starting line. January brings us to the end of the beginning. It is time to actually do some things. New possibilities are definitely coming into view. It won’t be easy, though. It will be something of a scramble as people work to get their ducks in a row. However, events, some of them quite unexpected, will take unrealistic options off the table, simplifying our choices. The planets will provide a hearty, extra dose of good luck and a generous serving of helpful coincidences, also. One thing everyone needs to realize, too: these new times require higher personal, professional and ethical standards and a strong service ethic to go along with the work ethic and the profit motive. Genuine cooperation is required. Our dog-eat-dog, anything goes, devil take the hindmost, winner-takes-all days are fast running out.


ARIES ~ Controlled optimism. You’ve been dealing willy-nilly with too much change for months. Now, you will begin to see the upside possibilities amidst the chaos. You will also begin to emerge as a key player and a trendsetter, if not a leader. However, to make all this work, you must exercise considerable discipline. Strong motivation is important, but you also need to remain organized. Require discipline of your partners, even if it means that some will bow out. Carefully establish good working relations with authority figures. Luck will lend a hand.

TAURUS ~ Steady the course. Your attention is on greener pastures. There definitely are promising things developing. It’s kind of disappointing, then, that work and health considerations are pinning you down. Things aren’t really satisfactory and they seem unlikely to change anytime soon. Realistically, though, all those attractive opportunities just aren’t ready to bear fruit. The stars suggest that you tough it out where you are, but stay informed about these developing opportunities. Right now, they’d cause more grief than they’re actually worth. When it’s time to make a move, you’ll know.

GEMINI ~ Fancy footwork. You need to update your network. It could be hard to strike the note needed to motivate others. You need to be steadfastly realistic *and* optimistic while others swing frequently between optimism and pessimism. You also have to keep the conversation fresh when others stubbornly seek the security of old, familiar patterns. You can take your cue from higher ups, who are in surprisingly good touch with the process of change. Unexpected events will help by removing unrealistic options. Count on lady luck for an occasional assist, too.

CANCER ~ Parting of the ways. Friction has been building in key relationships for some time. The friction has been compounded by financial and professional issues. You’ve done your best to avoid drama and hold things together. Now, a break seems almost inevitable. Financial pressures are pretty much forcing everyone’s hand. People need solutions. Opportunities are beginning to emerge. But to pursue these opportunities, people will need to go their separate way. Things might seem a little too frantic as these changes begin to go down, but luck will lend a hand.

LEO ~ Purity of heart. Your own material success, and that of many others, depends on you. People you work with need to cooperate. Things could simply fail without it. You need to provide new ideas, shift attitudes, calm emotions and overcome habits and ingrained attitudes–all at once–to bring about the needed cooperation. As you make your moves, shun ulterior motives, secret agendas and ethical shortcuts. They will come back to bite you. But you can all count on help from ongoing events and the occasional lucky break.

VIRGO ~ Straight and narrow. Expectations are clashing with reality. Opportunities are falling short of needs. Delays dampen hope. There’s abundant creative potential in all this, however. Virgo is well-placed to develop that potential. You have an unusual degree of leverage over this complicated and fast-changing situation. However, things like personal responsibility, professional and ethical standards are of utmost importance, now. Ignoring them will almost certainly backfire. Daydreams and unconventional people can be inspiring but they can also mislead. Check your facts. Don’t get carried away.

LIBRA ~ Teachable moments. Things aren’t coming together. People need greater understanding of their situation and they’ll listen to you. But what you have to tell them might be met with disbelief. Dog-eat-dog competitiveness and/or narrow self-interest won’t work anymore. Soon, rising above narrow self-interest and working cooperatively for the greater good will be absolute pre-requisites for success. You need to explain why this is so. Once you’ve convinced people, they’ll need help figuring out how to apply these ideals. Your own well-being depends heavily on making others understand all this.

SCORPIO ~ Provide the missing ingredients. Many people in your life seem to be grinding their gears. There’s a lot of energy and lots of ideas, but nobody seems able to get it together. Too many people have too many questions. They also have personal reservations about proceeding. Scorpio, however, seems especially well-suited to define these issues, search out solutions and make the back channel contacts necessary to make things mesh. It’s all very complicated. Things are so complicated, you might never get credit, but the help you provide will benefit many.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Point man. You’ve learned some difficult and costly lessons about personal responsibility, cooperation, service to others and the importance of high ethical standards. You’re also in touch with the leading edge, economically. You see the economic importance of what you’ve learned. But being responsible and cooperative, serving others and staying ethical aren’t things you can do alone. Everybody has to go along. You need to teach others about the importance of these ideals and get people to practice them. Otherwise, nobody will be able to realize the new economic potential.

CAPRICORN ~ Inspire the troops. Somehow, you’ve become involved in a complicated financial situation or gained influence in someone else’s complicated financial situation. There are no quick fixes on the horizon. Everybody has to keep plugging. However, people are remarkably open to new ideas and show a willingness to change the way they do things. A little encouragement seems to go a long way. Options will soon be dramatically simplified as unrealistic options are taken off the table. Lady luck will lend a hand. Your public image is due for an upgrade.

AQUARIUS ~ Look inward. Aquarians could find themselves tapping the brakes. Personal momentum is increasing. Your influence is rising. Events are pushing everything in an Aquarius-friendly direction. Things aren’t about to slow down, either. You’re wondering how to meet everyone’s expectations and keep your life on track. Time off for personal renewal, and/or a big attitude update, is in order. In fact, the planets are strongly supporting just such a move. Right now, a little quality downtime would work much better than staying on the job. Coincidences work in your favor.

PISCES ~ Soft landing. Real world circumstances and changes in your thinking at deep levels are both altering the way you see your future. This will cause bittersweet adjustments in important relationships. The fact that many others are going through similar things will bring some comfort and assistance. Also, your deep, thoughtful insight into other people’s situations will be warmly reciprocated. These challenges also come as new and workable solutions to today’s problems are coming on-line. Finally, many of the costs and risks will be offset by fortunate coincidences or lucky breaks.