Astrology Forecast for February 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ The gap. February is a point of departure for all of us. The past is pretty much gone. Necessity drives us forward. We can clearly sense new and encouraging opportunities. However, there is also a distinct gap between where we are now and where we need to be. We will all have to make a leap, take a chance, to reach our new starting point. Even when we reach our new starting point, though, a great deal will remain to be done. A lot of gaps will still need to be filled, a lot of unknowns defined. We kind of have to figure things out as best we can, then trust a little bit to luck. Have a little faith in ourselves, each other and the future.

ARIES ~ Anchors aweigh. February brings a point of departure for Aries. A major phase in your life is fast ending. You will eventually cut all mental and emotional ties to this time as you go in search of broader horizons and greener pastures. Your excitement is contagious and your commitment inspires confidence. You will find the transition easier than you might have feared, too. However, you might want to take the early stages of this new enterprise in low gear. It would be a little too easy to get ahead of yourself.

TAURUS ~ Strong currents. Your social center of gravity is shifting. The details are fuzzy, but it’s clear that the financial and professional currents are carrying you in a particular direction, irresistibly so. Many of those you hoped would come along aren’t quite on board; some never will be. Those who do come along will need constant coaxing and coaching. It’s not worth holding on too tightly or forcing anyone’s hand. Some need to go their own way. In any case, new faces will appear and new alliances will begin to form.

GEMINI ~ Point man. Your superiors are quietly designing policies and shuffling personnel to best cope with unfolding events. Their plans will probably work out, but they won’t necessarily go down easy. You are surprisingly well-suited and well-positioned to facilitate these changes. You might think you are performing a simple diplomatic chore, a bit of routine people-handling. In reality, you’re helping lay the foundation for a lasting and beneficial new system. Without your people-handling skills and your charisma, which is very strong right now, this transition would be much harder for all concerned.

CANCER ~ Keep a sharp eye out. There certainly is a lot of important stuff going on, but it’s mostly happening to other people, and out of your control. The outcome will affect you, but you should be able to sidestep any adverse consequences. Watch for anything that affects your interests–like income, job security or professional relationships–and react accordingly. Key players in your life have a surprising degree of influence in the situation. They also stand to profit from what’s happening. They can help protect your interests, too.

LEO ~ Relationships in transition. Behind-the-scenes power plays are introducing a bunch of wild cards and unknowns at work. Changes are coming and you probably won’t like all of them. However, new and potentially profitable alliances are coming into being; many are related to new opportunities. It’s still early days, true, but the opportunities will keep on coming and some will definitely pan out. The most immediate challenge will be keeping your head on straight and your heart strong. Job changes could be very confusing and shifting loyalties could cause heartache.

VIRGO ~ Power and influence. It’s nice to be on good terms with high-powered decision makers. It’s also good to have leverage over developing situations at work. However, you are bound to find yourself in awkward spots as you see the effects of your influence on others. Time spent learning how to help others cope with changes you helped plan would be time well-spent. You’ll have plenty of need for such skills. The years ahead will see nonstop change and you will frequently have an influential say in managing that change.

LIBRA ~ Social safety nets. Tensions in the home and family area are peaking; work issues are not helping. It’s worrisome. Events could force your hand. But relations with close friends and youngsters are especially strong and creative areas are vibrant. You should easily find good ways around any limitations you’re feeling in financial areas, personal energy levels, or health issues. These lucky breaks will lead to lasting stability and security. Recent changes have been kind of rough, but you will soon find yourself in greater harmony with the forces of change.

SCORPIO ~ Pushing the envelope. A complicated month for Scorpio. What others find easy and reassuring could seem inconvenient and unsettling to you. And vice versa. Also, when others prefer practical, grounded solutions, you are drawn to unconventional, idealistic and, well, otherworldly approaches. You might feel outnumbered. Not to worry. Scorpio will have a surprising degree of influence over long-term trends. Socially, you could find yourself distanced from some old associates and more strongly drawn to new people. You will soon be able to draw greater comfort from spiritual sources.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Choose carefully. Many powerful forces–spiritual, psychological, economic, political–are keeping relationships fluid, now. People are open to new friendships, new business partners, new lovers. Much of this is very positive and will lead to solid, productive, profitable new alliances. But Sagittarius must be careful; not simply because a lot of the rhetoric and a lot of the opportunities won’t pan out. Sagittarian concerns go beyond establishing a successful business arrangement. You need to get the spirituality, the psychology–all the unwritten parts of new relationships–just right.

CAPRICORN ~ Loyalty tests. The pressures of necessity don’t mesh neatly with new opportunities. You’ll have to adjustment your expectations, and your strategy. Some personal loyalties are pulling you in still other directions. You can’t reconcile all these conflicting pressures completely. These pressures will linger indefinitely; you can’t wait them out. It’s probably time to expand personal and professional support networks in response to emerging realities. The forces of change will also be affecting your home. However, even amidst all this change, your home will remain a source of comfort and strength.

AQUARIUS ~ Threshold. You appear stable, poised and self-possessed; inwardly, you are anything but. You are brooding about issues vital to your well-being. There don’t seem to be any obvious solution, but there will be possibilities. Your influence and your range of involvements will soon expand very significantly. Let these vital personal concerns direct your path as this varied and eventful future unfolds. Without this focus on core concerns, the future could all too easily become a long series of distractions that leads you further away from the solutions you want.

PISCES ~ Step by step. First, the bad news: pressure related to long-term debt, insurance costs and retirement savings is forcing a big re-think of long-term goals. The good news: worry and uncertainty over your prospects will fade. You will feel more secure and confident. Motivation will surge. You’ll have the resolve you need to tackle the future. You are also in an expansive phase. However, the future is turning into a confusing place; with all the luck and motivation in the world, you would still need to plan–and act–very carefully.