Astrology Forecast for December 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Go with what’s counterintuitive. December’s vibes are asking each and everyone of us to avoid doing what comes most naturally to us. They are urging us to break our habitual patterns and embrace the chaos that is surrounding us. When challenged like that, we usually try to stick with what we know. This time, staying with the comfortable and the familiar, doing what comes natural, will have exactly the wrong result. It won’t be easy to change because so many of us are feeling exposed and vulnerable. Also, many are tempted to force their will on others. It’s not all bad. There are new opportunities opening up and luck will lend a helping hand. But to benefit, we’re going to have to maybe suppress some of our own strongest impulses and try something different.


♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Nitty-gritty is good. Fussy details, caution, intense teamwork–these things come hard to free-spirited Sagittarius. But if you find yourself mired in such suffocatingly un-Sagittarian things, please lean into it. People need to network heavily and discuss things endlessly and in excruciating detail. People need to “drill down” through the same old stuff to fresh ideas and unexplored realities. It’s the only way to work through existing challenges and harness emerging possibilities. Rest assured that underneath it all, what they’re getting at is exactly the kind of thing Sagittarians live for.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Tread lightly. You are working from a place of strength, it’s just that you’re facing strong resistance. And things are moving forward, now, although the obstacles multiply faster than the opportunities. The key is to take an unconditionally positive, open approach to people and issues that normally annoy the heck out of you. These issues won’t yield to the kind of … um … power plays that Capricorns sometimes prefer. People are feeling vulnerable and exposed. Some tender loving care will work wonders. A thoughtless word could set negotiations back indefinitely.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Like magic. Today’s big issues are all Aquarian issues. That’s true even if a veritable blizzard of pesky, real-world issues obscures that fact. And even if everybody is focused obsessively on simple, day-to-day, un-Aquarian matters. People kind of have to be that way right now. So release your idealistic Aquarian focus for the time being. Address people’s immediate concerns. Engage others on their terms. Aquarian vibes are so pervasive, Aquarians can’t help but synergize everybody’s efforts. Your intuitively inspired input will help folks find the missing pieces they’re looking for.

♓ PISCES ~ Split vision. There are unusually powerful, idealistic forces at work within the Piscean mind now. Your intuition is closely attuned to the spirit of the times, too. It’s tempting to remain absorbed in your own fascinating thoughts. However, financial matters require that you get out and do something. Those ideas enriching your mind will be surprisingly helpful in meeting the challenges you and everyone else find out there. It’s good to have a rich inner life. But staying grounded is at least as important as nurturing your inner life now.

♈ ARIES ~ Stay up in the air. Your decisions depend on the decisions of others. However, nobody’s finalizing any decisions right now. They’re busy coping, seeking new alliances and finding new ways to get ahead. Other people are trying to force a decision on you. Your own thinking is now under seductive and deceptive influences, too, so maybe it’s best to avoid firm commitments anyway. You can depend on luck to help you through the rough spots. You might experience some pretty bizarre flirtations … or flirtations with the bizarre.

♉ TAURUS ~ Think twice. Lots of things going on out there will turn out favorably for Taurus, especially things in distant or faraway places. Meanwhile, though, people could demand levels of “cooperation” you aren’t prepared to give. Romantic urges or hit-and-run flirtations could pull you in unconventional directions. Some relationships could come to an abrupt and surprising end. These days, I think, it’s often best to just go your own way anyway. It’s a good month to take it one step at a time with frequent pauses for thought.

♊ GEMINI ~ Herding cats. You need to help people forming new support networks to realize unfolding opportunities. But egos are getting in the way. Suspicions are easily aroused. People are making unilateral demands. Still others are very defensive. And it would be hard to underestimate the level of misinformation. Work hard to avoid the appearance of unfairness as you work through this maze. Luck will lend a hand, but, frankly, the planets aren’t making your job easy. Your ability to think and speak clearly is your most valuable asset under these circumstances.

♋ CANCER ~ Stealthy support. You are confronted everywhere by people in motion. People are dealing frantically with urgent challenges and unfolding opportunities. These folks dearly need Cancer’s insightful, nurturing input to succeed and you want to provide it. For better or worse, though, you somehow can’t participate directly in their efforts and you don’t have much leverage. And even if they weren’t all super busy, they are headstrong and both push and touchy. Your mission is to find new and subtle ways to help others cope in these exciting but turbulent times.

♌ LEO ~ Embrace chaos. People are scrambling to meet urgent challenges and stay on track to profit from emerging opportunities. Things are more than a little chaotic. Outdated and rigid attitudes are blocking progress, however. There could be trouble. The planets are empowering you to dissolve those rigid and outdated attitudes. They are also empowering you to block those who would simply impose their own will. But there’s a catch. It’s something Leos will find especially challenging. To access your powers, you’ll need to suppress your own ego and avoid center stage.

♍ VIRGO ~ Trust your instincts. You might feel like the foundation of your existence is shaking badly. Maybe it is. But everyone else’s foundation is shaking worse. Also, others don’t have the advantage Virgo does. Like, the car is skidding out of control. Maybe you are pretty dazed and confused. But everyone but you and the driver is in the back seat. At least you’re within arm’s reach of the steering wheel. Somewhere inside you are very much in touch with what’s happening, also. Your efforts, however frantic, will benefit everyone else.

♎ LIBRA ~ Rough and tumble. Many people are making crucial decisions and forging important new support networks. That’s where Libra comes in, right–decisions and relationships? Well, yes and no. People have to do all this on the fly, amidst clouds of swirling unknowns. They’re fighting hard realities with best guesses. These aren’t well-reasoned decisions and firm commitments made under controlled circumstances, the kind Librans love most. To be of greatest help, let others do the talking. Your famous diplomatic abilities will serve everyone better than your reasoning and matchmaking abilities now.

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♏ SCORPIO ~ Hold your fire. Scorpios have sensitive antennae and they prefer calm and order. Their instinct is to tighten control of a situation before others even suspect a problem. They aren’t afraid of a fight, either, if that’s what it takes. So, December won’t be easy for Scorpio. You’ll need to let others speak out more loudly and act out more aggressively than you would ordinarily. It’s easier to keep the peace if you know what’s bothering people and to find that out you’ll need to let people disturb the peace.