Astrology Forecast for December 2010

Astrology Forecast for December 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Put your cards on the table. There are major, inevitable, irreversible changes in the works and December brings them closer to reality. However, December will also bring a major, all but irresolvable standoff over these impending changes. At the same time, progress will stall out amidst epic levels of miscommunication and misinformation. We’ll go from a traffic jam with everyone sitting quietly in their cars, to a traffic jam with everybody honking their horns and yelling. But we can’t safely sit this one out. As nerve-wracking and frustrating as the whole thing is likely to be, the planets want us to step up and say our piece. The benefit of participating in this strenuous process, even a little, will be far greater than we might have anticipated.


ARIES ~ Don’t commit. You wanted progress, but not this way. Too many things are trying to happen at once, each with maximum passion and minimum thought behind it. It will be hard to control your involvement because you share the enthusiasm, on the one hand, and everyone seems to want you on their team, on the other. But there are enough loose ends and unresolved issues to cause a train wreck. If in doubt, play for time. Issues will soon become clearer and luck will soon come over to your side.

TAURUS ~ Ride the brakes. If Taureans are not extremely careful they could find themselves on the fast track to nowhere good. Things could hardly seem rosier or more tempting on the *surface.* But just underneath, just about every situation you see is seething with serious complications and pitfalls. If you decide to pursue an opportunity, choose very, very carefully and proceed with due caution. Your best bet is to move slowly enough for the difficulties to show themselves, no matter how often, or how hard, others push for more speed.

GEMINI ~ Look deeper. The emphasis in December is on Gemini’s work and professional life, including your many work relationships. December’s signals are very mixed. There are many exciting rumors and, on the surface at least, the tone is optimistic and friendly. Deeper down, though, there are harsher currents. Some are quite willing to play hard ball. And some stubborn obstacles await further down the road. Keep lines of communication open with all concerned. Long-awaited decisions and unexpected events will clear the road ahead. Luck and coincidence will soon start aiding your cause.

CANCER ~ Turning point. Significant changes are coming to Cancer’s life, finally. You’ve worked toward many of these changes and half-expected others. Many will contribute to long-term goals you and others are working hard toward. Most noticeably, some familiar and important faces will be replaced by new ones. You’ll find yourself working for people who are more generous and supportive. Some personal changes you’ve been cultivating quietly will become part of your public image. Budgets will tighten noticeably as you and others cope with the costs of complicated transitions in tough times.

LEO ~ Balance. Conditions on the job might seem too uncertain, complex and out of your control for you to be involved. But delving into certain issues could be what you need to do, to a point. Take care of yourself. Work demands are high and risks to health could be greater than you think, especially since you are inclined to overexert. A little empathy is required for those feeling the impact of events more strongly than you are. Soon, unexpected events will simplify your choices and your luck will improve, generally.

VIRGO ~ Stay involved. Many of the key players in your life are involved in a stubborn standoff. Some seem willing to force an outcome. Tempers could flare. Great exertions could be required. The issues won’t be easily or quickly resolved and ignoring the issues is not an option. The path forward in your life leads right through the heart of this standoff. However, even small agreements could bring gratifying progress. The simple act of participating in negotiations will have a positive, synergistic effect on your affairs. Meanwhile, don’t neglect routine chores.

LIBRA ~ Be Libran. December’s events are too intense, complicated and sweeping to avoid. And it’s all just getting started. Active involvement in resolving these issues, challenging as they are, will be surprisingly rewarding. And simply remaining balanced, reasonable and diplomatic–being your Libran self–will be helpful to all. Still, working through these potentially life-changing issues will take time, patience and determination. Long-expected changes at home will soon simplify your choices. Partners are beginning a new cycle of growth and expansion, and they are in the mood for change.

SCORPIO ~ Progress plus confusion. Important things that have been missing in your life will return, especially in the area of community activity. Other dramatic changes are unfolding quickly in your immediate neighborhood. More new policies and programs will soon affect health and work related areas in a good way. Even more new changes are being proposed. They might or might not happen and plans are still evolving. Reliable information is hard to find. Prepare for high emotions and confusion as people react, and overreact. You will soon begin a spiritual renaissance.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Promote optimism. You see a growing number and variety of opportunities. Others see forbidding complexities, obstacles and hard work. They might have a point, actually. But you need to keep the challenges from causing pessimism strong enough to dishearten everyone, on the one hand, and frustration severe enough to cause conflict, on the other. This is true for Sagittarians in general this month. But it’s also personal. Your livelihood could depend on defeating pessimism and keeping others focused on the opportunities despite all the complexities and hard work that’s needed.

CAPRICORN ~ Discipline. They say if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But Capricorn can’t leave the kitchen. You’ll have to tolerate the heat. You’re stuck in the middle of everything. Interpersonal friction is intense as people cope with uncomfortable adjustments. Confusion is high. Lines of communication are under strain. Be on your best behavior. Gently insist that others be on theirs. This is just getting started. It might seem like you are demanding too much of others. However, meeting these challenges will bring widespread and unforeseen benefits.

AQUARIUS ~ Bittersweet. Thoughts of unfinished healing, unresolved relationship issues, or responsibilities you might have neglected, could burden your mind. Don’t be discouraged. This fog of worry will soon lift. Also, the coming year brings a remarkable mix of challenges and opportunities. As you meet these challenges and explore the opportunities, you can make up for past mistakes, and avoid repeating them. Also, resolving these old issues will have a surprisingly beneficial effect, beyond what you might anticipate. It will help you release potential that you might have given up for lost.

PISCES ~ Step by step. You’re starting a new cycle of growth and prosperity. Your charisma is due for a big boost, also. But given what’s going on in your life and the world, forging a workable lifestyle will still be a challenge. Don’t underestimate the complexity or the importance of this task. Extra time and effort spent sorting through a mix of challenges, opportunities and unknowns will pay surprising dividends, now and later. Unexpected events will soon simplify your choices and smooth your path. Don’t depend too much on borrowed money.

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