Astrology Forecast for August 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ This is not a test. August brings a tumultuous blend of powerful but conflicting influences. People will be overstimulated and wired. But they will need to think things through calmly and carefully. They will need to address urgent, long-term challenges while they are facing urgent, short-term challenges. At the same time, events and decision-making processes will slow to a crawl, bringing frustrating delays on all fronts. The upshot is that we will all need to dig much deeper into our own minds and our own hearts. We will need to find personal strengths that we did not know we had, or that we haven’t used recently, if ever. Most of all, we are being asked to find the courage to follow our own best instincts.


ARIES ~ Reach out. There’s hardly a kind of challenge that doesn’t somehow figure in. Family, job, health, elder care, finances . . . the whole nine yards. It’s more than one person can handle. The solution is not to do a heroic balancing act, or make a heroic individual effort. It’s more a matter of creating or activating support networks to access necessary resources. The family will rise to the occasion brilliantly. Time is on your side. You can convince others to do what they already know they need to do.

TAURUS ~ Leadership. It’s true. The challenges are major for all concerned. Stakes are high. You have definite vulnerabilities. The memory of past failures still haunts you. You’ll have to overcome personal weaknesses, resist old temptations and make others do so, too. So . . . definitely not a walk in the park. Having said all that, you are uniquely well-placed to provide the motivation and guidance others need to work through all the issues. Help others see the need to pool resources and pull together. Don’t try to go it alone.

GEMINI ~ Home field advantage. Tough decisions are being made. The process is messy and hard to watch. And the outcome will significantly affect your bottom line. However, the issues will be familiar; you’ll know what moves to make. And circumstances favor an outcome you can live with. Work hard to suppress your ego and convince others to do the same. You don’t have much leverage, by yourself; you must build alliances. Confidence and pluck will overcome confusion and uncertainty. The non-stop pace of recent months will slow allowing more careful thought.

CANCER ~ Work it out. It’s been too easy to put a foot wrong. Tempers are short. Stakes are high. Issues are complicated. And your nerves are wound tight, making a misstep more likely. Your famous intuition isn’t quite up to the job, either. The past is no guide. To succeed, you must take a fresh, hands on approach. Work ideas up from scratch when necessary. Events will allow the time you need for a thorough re-think. You need to fine tune long-term financial plans, now. The right partnerships will boost income.

LEO ~ Explore. Whatever the issue–finances, politics, relationships, family, work, all of the above–everything’s been in serious flux. And every move you made seemed to only shake things up more. The planets have just bought you a little time. Things will move more slowly, now. You can experiment, if you are careful. Higher ups will back you, to a point. Subordinates will cooperate, mostly. You can count on Lady Luck, a little. Some of your luck will even rub off on others. Money will remain fairly tight, though.

VIRGO ~ Pause. Change is at work in financial areas. Events are dissolving old ties. New experiences are changing your understanding of the world in radical ways. The planets are protecting your interests during all this; you will probably come out of it all much better than you went in. Others being affected could experience an undesirable outcome, though, setting you apart, perhaps creating tensions. There are no simple, perfect solutions. Things will slow down, soon, giving everyone time to regroup. Home and family will provide many of the answers you need.

LIBRA ~ Business and pleasure. Librans are carrying a heavy load over slippery, unfamiliar ground this month. Patience and tempers are short, too. High-minded goals are fine when things are simple. When things are this fluid, when you are just feeling your way, it’s best to concentrate on what and who is immediately in front of you. A down-to-earth, hands-on, close-to-home approach works best. Mixing business with pleasure will let you meet people and gather information. Powerful people will be supportive, if you are willing to meet their terms. Delays work for you.

SCORPIO ~ Home turf. You are under a lot of pressure and your vulnerabilities are exposed. The situation is unstable and confusing. Dysfunctional, manipulative people are exploiting the confusion. New alliances and support networks must be built amidst this confusion and mistrust. However, this game is being played on your turf. It’s all second nature to you. Your instincts about what’s happening are spot on. Modest efforts on your part will bring surprising benefits. Don’t fret over long-term finances. Focus on day-to-day expenses. Take advantage of delays to fine tune your message.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Reconcile. You know now that your financial future depends on a fair and just financial arrangement. But a financial arrangement can’t just look fair, it needs to be fair. The fairness has to go deep. It must include the complicated, long-term financial stuff–loans, pensions, mortgages, insurance, taxes, etc., etc. And the things you can’t put into words. In other words, your financial arrangement has to be all the things it probably isn’t right now. Think of current delays and disorder as a chance to start building such an arrangement.

CAPRICORN ~ Stalemate? Events seem to be making your expectations irrelevant. Events are also blocking the changes you thought you would make. Finances allow some flexibility. You have a good sense of what will work, temporarily. So you can patch something together, for now. But better solutions are needed and they will take much longer. The planets don’t intend to hand you any answers. They need you to keep looking more deeply within until you discover a way to change the way you think about things. They’ll keep pushing until you do.

AQUARIUS ~ Abstract to concrete. Perhaps, in the past, you’ve kept your ideals inside or presented them in abstract form. But the planets need a more outgoing, direct interaction between your Aquarian ideals and your real world situation. Work directly with others to solve day-to-day problems. Turn your abstract ideals into solutions for their concrete challenges. It will bring immediate benefits for all. This isn’t a test or a passing phase. Your input will be needed and appreciated from now on. A serious, thoughtful approach will work better than a playful one.

PISCES ~ Rerouting. Some hasty, half considered choices are now carrying you in a direction you probably don’t want to go anymore. Fortunately, movement is slowing. The next few months will provide time for a re-think and a course change. You can also loosen ties with those holding you on your present course. When things pick up again, the landscape will look very different. You’ll be glad you have a plan B. Work and career plans will continue to change and evolve for the foreseeable future. Pisceans should get used to it.