Astrology Forecast for April 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Impasse. Whether its parking space, health care, the public library, education, energy or water, we all share resources – and expenses. We need to cooperate and share expenses at some level to get along. This month it will be clear that the formula we use to decide who pays and who gets what isn’t working anymore. At all. We need a new formula for sharing costs and benefits across the board. But these are issues that change lives, partnerships, families and friendships and, BTW, start revolutions. So, brace yourself, guys.


ARIES ~ Course correction. The planets are pushing you hard in new directions. It’s not just a matter of doing new things. It’s a matter of doing new things for new reasons. Relationships will no longer be so much a matter of personal preferences and pleasurable passtimes. Shared ideals and idealistic goals will play a greater role in personal choices. Restlessness and impatience with the status quo will affect your attitudes, too. Intense ‘encounters’ are possible, especially with authority figures. Cultivate diplomatic skills. They will come in handy from here on out.

TAURUS ~ Support the one’s you’re with. Work is especially burdensome and the people at work are, well, getting on your nerves. You’d best stay where you are, though. It’s the same all over. Really. You’d end up in a different kind of mess. Learn to change yourself and to bring out the best in others right where you are. New doors will open – all the way – eventually. When they do, your new people handling skills will be priceless. Meanwhile, help bring about the improved conditions you long for.

GEMINI ~ Bright spot. It’s OK to have misgivings about current circumstances. But the planets continue to deal Gemini a good hand in a tough game. Your sunny, upbeat mood will serve you and others well. So will your ability to maneuver and negotiate when agreement eludes everyone else. You’re surprisingly good at coping with issues that stump, stymie and rile so many others, including and especially those in charge. On a personal note, despite everything, you should be able to make progress on importat goals. Recognition for your efforts is possible.

CANCER ~ Fancy footwork. This month’s turmoil finds you squarely in the middle and uncomfortably close to all the action. Even if you do nothing, even if you try hard to stand pat, you’ll get caught up in the flow. Events are affecting you from so many angles, in so many important ways, you’ll have to do something just to stay on your feet. Don’t count on things settling back down again into old, familiar patterns. This summer, your prospects will take a turn for the better. Finances will improve significantly.

LEO ~ Teamwork. Leos and their friends might be feeling discouraged or even a little depressed. Times are tough and going it alone doesn’t seem to be working anymore – for anybody. People need to band together. Cooperation brings its own challenges. Some will resist. It goes against some people’s instincts. Use your leverage to urge group participation. People are a little burned out on one-on-one relationship hassles and are more willing to reach out. It’s a bread and butter issue and people are bound to come around sooner or later.

VIRGO ~ Dense fog advisory. Financial issues are in turmoil. Most of it is out of your hands and you will benefit from the changes, eventually. You do need to deal with a strange, long-term influence now affecting you and your relationships. This influence loosen ties with everyone in favor of a more secluded, spiritually oriented existence. This is a powerful, long-term influence and can easily take your life off course if you aren’t careful. Counter it by keeping relationships well defined and keeping your ideas about life simple and practical.

LIBRA ~ Play for time. You’re short on resources. Turbulent currents are flowing through your personal and family life. People are changing themselves and urging changes in the way you do things, too. Graciously accept the support people offer, but don’t be pushed into something that isn’t right for you. Changes are indeed necessary, but the situation is too complicated for drastic moves. Only you can know what should be done and when. You need to heal some before taking off in a new direction. Still, try not to overthink decisions.

SCORPIO ~ Innovate. Strong transformative, potentially disruptive currents are running through your community. They will almost certainly trigger major changes in the near future. The stress they bring could easily trigger unusual behavior in people you know. Don’t allow old fears or outdated attitudes determine your responses. Let yourself be guided by thoughts that inspire healing and reconciliation. You are now in greater harmony with mysterious and uplifting spiritual forces than ever before. They will bring experiences that inspire and help free the inner resources you need to meet these challenging times.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Fancy footwork. There’s a lot of exploration and excitement. Much of it is in tune with your hopes and expectations. But there’s a lot of confusion and resistance, too. People will try to force your hand; some will try to deflect or even block you. There’s certainly a lot of commotion. But there’s also the wiggle room you need to stay in the game and keep your options open, too. Progress will remain halting and decisions complicated. It isn’t a good time to take anything, or anyone, for granted.

CAPRICORN ~ Realizations. Higher ups are kind of giving you a hard time. Personally, things are at the boiling point. No relief is in sight from either direction, unfortunately. The answer will come as profound spiritual and psychological breakthroughs. Soon, you’ll be able to explore genuinely liberating and empowering ideas, share truly inspiring insights and resolve some deep personal issues that have troubled you for a long time. These seemingly abstract, intangible, inner experiences will yield surprisingly concrete benefits. These will include solutions you can use in both personal and professional areas.

AQUARIUS ~ Rumblings. Your mind is drawn to abstract issues and people far from home. There’s not much you can do about those issues or the far away people. Besides, tour immediate surroundings require increasing attention. Friends and neighbors are suddenly very interested in matters dear to your heart. Local events are more distracting than they were, too. It’s not at all clear how all these stirrings will affect your finances, or your relations with important players in your life. Decision-makers will soon add more unknowns. Best to proceed with caution.

Stay informed.

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PISCES ~ Peak experience. You’ll land in completely new territory in April. The major astrological events of the day are hitting Pisces directly and powerfully. You’ll feel closer to your fellow human beings. Your experiences will set the pattern for others. However, it will also be harder to stay sober, practical and grounded. The trick will be to channel all the new currents, trends and events pulsing through your life into a livelihood. A restless, nervous-making planetary influence will fade, making it easier to cope, generally. Keep a lid on spending.

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