Artisan’s Sanctuary confirms Neil Young to close out Woodstock celebration (Updated)

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Woodstock Revisited

Klopfenstein Amphitheater, Lowe Park — Sunday, Aug. 18 at 4 p.m.

Neil Young performs in Firenze, Italy in 2008. — Andrea Barsanti/Wikimedia Commons

Update: (Thursday, July 4) Following the publication of this story, serious questions began to be raised about Jim Jacobmeyer’s announcement that Neil Young will perform at Woodstock Revisited. The show is still not listed on Neil Young’s official site. Jacobmeyer told the Gazette on Wednesday that he would soon be providing more information about Young’s appearance. There have also been online reports of ticketholders requesting refunds from Artisan’s Sanctuary and receiving them, and others denied refunds. Little Village will offer further updates on the story as information becomes available.

Update: (Friday, July 5) Jim Jacobmeyer now says Neil Young will not be appearing at Woodstock Revisted,

The dream of the ’60s is alive in Marion.

That’s where, on Aug. 18, nonprofit community arts collective the Artisan’s Sanctuary will present their own tribute to the 50th anniversary of the fair that redefined music, festivals and naked mud dancing.

Woodstock Revisited likely won’t resemble much of the original (you can be relieved or disappointed, as you wish), but it has clear goals as to how it wants to define itself as a festival.

“The ticket price reflects our desire to make it a fun, affordable event for everyone,” Artisan’s Sanctuary Executive Director Jim Jacobmeyer said in an email. “The original Woodstock three-day Music & Art Fair ticket was $7.00.” — About $49 in 2019, adjusted for inflation — “Our goal is to provide artists and other nonprofit organizations an opportunity to share a sense of creative community and revisit a special time in our history.”

Woodstock Revisted’s ticket price, $20 in advance, reflects that commitment, even in light of a big-name addition to the bill, announced yesterday.

O.G. Woodstock alum Neil Young was confirmed by Jacobmeyer to be performing a final, 30-minute acoustic set to cap off the night in Lowe Park. (His 9:15 p.m. start time is significantly earlier than the 3 a.m. set he played in 1969 with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash.)

“He is currently touring Europe until the end of July and is traveling back through the Midwest in early August,” Jacobmeyer said. “He liked the idea of attending our event to relax and unwind.”

Ahead of Young’s closing set, five area tribute bands will be playing the “music of Woodstock,” Jacobmeyer said. Look forward to sets from popular acts Zoot & Newt Band, Beaker Brothers and Winterland, as well as Boy-Scout Hippies and Moving Target. Woodstock Revisited will also host more than 25 vendors.

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  1. Just requested a refund with Artisan’s Sanctuary and they confirmed they have to replace Neil Young. He’s not coming. They wouldn’t refund my tickets because I’m “helping support an arts non-profit”.

      1. Good. I was wondering whether I would frequent Artisan’s Sanctuary anymore if they did not refund your tickets. Glad they did the right thing.

  2. Sounds great, wish I could be there. I helped produce the Redbird Farm Music Festival in Johnson County when Vance Borjaly donated his farm for a GEORGE McGovern fundraiser. Over 20 bands volunteered their time and talents. It was a great day, and Vance brought a delegation of Russian writers who just landed on US soil in Cedar Rapids. They were taken to the festival, before seeing anything else in Iowa and the USA. The Des Moines Register had a plane fly over the festival site for a front page aerial photograph.
    The Register estimated 7,000 persons attended. It was a great fundraiser for the University of Iowa Young Democrats. The stage was a couple of hay mows back to back. Power came from generators.
    A fabulous time was had by all. Rock on? Good luck and God bless Woodstock Revisited. -Steve Bissell, San Antonio, Texas

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