Analog Vault record store is moving

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Chris Morris (l) and Jim Glass of Analog Vault. — photo by Michael Roeder

Analog Vault, the Cedar Rapids independent record store, is moving from the space it’s occupied in on the second floor of the converted bank building that’s now home to the Chrome Saloon & Slop House in the New Bo District. But it’s not moving far — the Analog’s Vault new home will be on the first floor of CSPS Hall, just one block from its current spot.

“The place in the CSPS Hall came open, and it took us a little bit to decide to make the jump,” Jeremy Vega, one of Analog Vault’s owners, told Little Village. “We have some fantastic business neighbors where we are, and we’ve worked together to make that upstairs hallway of this 100-year-old bank building into a “hall mall” small community, so it’s going to be hard to leave those guys. But at the same time, every week we hear from people who say, ‘Man, those stairs are killer.’”

Analog Vault sells new and used records and vintage audio equipment, and repairs turntables for those who prefer vinyl to audio files. Currently, it isn’t easy for people who don’t already know Analog Vault’s location, either from word-of-mouth or because they’re already customers, to discover the shop.

“It’s going to be great just to be on the first floor, and to get a lot of the foot traffic that passes by for all the different events in New Bo,” Vega said.

Vega also said it’ll be great not to have to climb stairs, He knows exactly how many stairs there are leading up to the shop: 31.

“Hey,” Vega said with a laugh, “records, cinder blocks, wood bins, amps — that’s all heavy. That’s why I know there are 31 steps.”

The lease on the new space is signed, and the move will be completed “over the next week or so,” according to Vega. He said customers should check Analog Vault’s Facebook page for details on the move.

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