Aesop Rock of Rhymesayers performing at Blue Moose Tap House

Aesop Rock
Aesop Rock, playing at Blue Moose Tap House on March 5.

Aesop Rock w. Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz // Blue Moose Tap House // 7:00 p.m. // $20

Tonight at Blue Moose Tap House you can catch Aesop Rock, member of the critically-acclaimed Rhymesayers record label and pillar of the underground hip hop community. Since taking the stage name of Aesop Rock in 1996, 36-year-old Ian Bavitz has collaborated with several independent hip hop groups including The Weathermen, Two of Every Animal and Hail Mary Mallon.

Why should I care?

Aesop Rock has successfully launched seven albums in addition to numerous EPs and compilations since kicking off his hip hop career 17 years ago. His consistent contributions to the alternative hip hop community have garnered high praise from both genre super-fans and mainstream press outlets alike. More recently, Aesop Rock was ranked 19th in Rolling Stone‘s “Top 100 Artists of the Decade” feature (2000-2010).

Check out the video below for a sample.

Steven Crowley briefly discussed Aesop Rock and his impending performance in our latest On The Beat column as well, excerpted below.

Ian Bavitz—better known by his stage name Aesop Rock—began his rap career when he was just a highschooler. By the time he had graduated college in 1998 he had self-released a full-length hip-hop album, which gave him momentum for his possibly career-determining follow-up EP, Appleseed. The EP found its way into underground hip-hop circles and was met with critical acclaim. His unique flow and sometimes deeply metaphoric lyrical content brought Bavitz to the forefront of a new hip hop movement at the turn of the decade. The Aesop Rock project was put on hold in 2007 and is just returning from hiatus this year. Bavitz is currently touring the U.S. heavily and will release an album with Kimya Dawson in May. The project is called Hokey Fright and the album, Skelethon, was released on Minneapolis-based label, Rhymesayers. Aesop Rock makes his stop at the Blue Moose on Mar. 5 with guests Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz.

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