A video game oasis opens this Friday in the Ped Mall

Aw yeah, that Street Fighter, you feel me?
Can I interest you in a Hadoken? Or maybe a Shoryuken? — photo courtesy of Joey

Video game aficionados take note: You’ll soon have a new place to buy and trade games in downtown Iowa City. Game Geeks opens Friday at 5 p.m. in the Hall Mall (114 1/2 East College Street, above TCB Pool Hall), and they’ve planned a full night of gaming goodness in celebration of their new digs.

From Game Geeks:

We’ll be in the shop, hanging out, and playing games. Stop by for game giveaways, FREE food and free entry into some of our upcoming events. We’ll also be having a casual smash fest all night!

The new location will carry retro video games, collectible card games and “nerdy” collectible items while fostering an “open atmosphere for gamers,” according to Game Geeks. “Our mission as a business is to get people regardless of age, gender, language, cultural background or gaming experience, to embrace and enjoy games.”

Apart from its retail goodies, Game Geeks looks to double as a competitive venue, hosting various tournaments for gamers to pit their skills against the best in the area. To start, the business will host a monthly tournament for the phenomenally popular Super Smash Bros. Melee, dubbed the “Midwest Melee Monthly,” every third Friday of the month.

For a small fee, entrants will compete for cash prizes with payouts that scale based on attendance. The first tournament is set for January 17.

Game Geeks is also hosting what it deems its first “real” video game tournament on February 28 at 12 p.m., titled “Iowa City Fight Club.”

From Game Geeks:

Iowa City Fight Club is a retro fighting game tournament that showcases the diverse history of the genre. We will be hosting a variety of games throughout the day as well as game giveaways and entry into future events.

A $10 event fee will be collected at the door. Players may pay an additional $10 to be entered into ALL events and the final bracket to win the Grand Prize. Each tournament has an individual entry of $5. Come join us for the first real video game tournament at Game Geeks. We’ll be playing games, twitch steaming, eating pizza, and causing a ruckus. Stop by and join in the fun!

Registration and additional prize information is available here.

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