2012: The Year in Photos

Now that the ball has dropped and a great many of us are beginning 2013 nursing hard-earned hangovers, it’s time to pause for a moment and reflect on the year we’ve just left in the dust, um, I mean snow.

2012 was a mixed bag of pleasure and pain in our fair city as the landscape and people inhabiting it evolved. Early in the year we lost the beloved Red Avocado which, in retrospect, was the first truly visible sign of our town’s accelerating cycle of destruction and development. We gained the Trumpet Blossom, uncovered the buffalo sleeping in the Ped Mall and watched little flourishes of art appear on benches and trees. I had the exciting honor of photographing the Mission Creek Music Festival for the second year – and this look back is heavy with the sights seen from the audience of almost every venue in town.I also had the priviledge of producing and hosting Little Village Live for almost a year. I was lucky to have hosted many of my favorite local music-makers.  I also wandered the same streets I’ve been walking up and down for the 13 years I’ve called Iowa City my home, snapping photos and seeing things in a different way all the time. These experiences have exponentially increased my love for Iowa City and the people who call it home.

This is my 99th blog post for Little Village Magazine. I’d like to thank everyone who has allowed me to do what I do. You know who you are.

Fair warning: This slideshow is long and only covers a fraction of the delights this town offered in 2012. I’ve chosen some of my favorite shots, little memories captured 1/40th of a second at a time.