2010 Local Hiphop Mix Tape Download

  1. Tallboy Intro
  2. The Other Elements – Street Walk/Somethin Outa Nothin
  3. Tyrell Spitt and Cellblocc – Hell Yeah
  4. Vo – So Cold
  5. Rolling Blackout – Basement
  6. ]]]]]] (Staples) – Makin Cents
  7. Stoo Kid – The Truth Is
  8. AV Collective – Prince of Thieves
  9. J Streets and Animosity – Maxamill Freestyle (live on WFKU)
  10. johndope – Bachelor Style freestyle
  11. Wizard – They Call Me Wizard
  12. Tallboy Intermission
  13. Prose and Earl-E – Don’t Stand
  14. 456 FMG – My Swag Got a Swag
  15. Daymoe – I’m Ill
  16. Kid Philosophy – Can’t Take That Away From Me (wfku mix)
  17. johndope – JD is a Beast
  18. Dekin Don – Can’t Stand the Heat
  19. Mike Vicious featuring Purist – Pure Brilliance
  20. Department of Public Safety – Sound of Delta City
  21. Purist – I’m Sorry
  22. Ion – Wishing Well
  23. Jaron Hassaan and Jamo Muzic – Elevator
  24. Tallboy Outro


CLARENCE JOHNSON and THE TALLBOY have been local hip-hop radio hosts, producers and fans for fifteen years. They host WFKU Radio on Radio Iowa City thursday nights from 10:30-12:30 You can find them on Tumblr or Facebook

THE OTHER ELEMENTS is a two-man crew in Cedar Rapids consisting of IMPERFEKT and COLORLESS. They have been getting down since 2002. They have released an album as a duo, as well as solo efforts from each of them. Imperfekt is the label head for Mic Hand Recordings
TYRELL SPITT is originally from Harvey, IL, and has been rapping in Iowa City for a few years. The game show impresario is the creator of CHECKversusWRECK, coming this fall to Iowa City.
CELLBLOCC is a man of mystery, occasionally flitting into view at local shows and studios.
VO was born in Burlington, Iowa, and started rapping as a hype man for a friend. He fell in love with hip-hop after stealing his older brother’s tapes and CDs at an early age. He feels his state has been misrepresented, and takes his craft very seriously.
ROLLING BLACKOUT is a hip-hop artists unafraid of drawing inspiration from multiple genres, including metal and experimental rock.
]]]]]] (pronounced STAPLES) is the two man D.I.Y. hip hop adventures of Schuyler Petersen and Walker Neudorff. Old school beats with styles inspired by the new school streets. Listen
STOO KID comes from Cedar Rapids, and has been in the rap/production game for 5 years. He linked up with VoDeez in 2006 and has been going in ever since. His solo album G.H.O.G.H is coming soon. Listen
ANIMOSITY is a local diplomat, representing IC hip-hop across the globe as part of the Uniphonics. Prior to that, he’d worked with almost everyone else here in town, and was known for live rhymes and a sense of humor. Listen
J STREETS has been rapping for ten plus years, and a member of 456 FMG for four years.
JOHNDOPE believes that real hiphop died in the late 90’s and is angry about it to this day. A grown ass man from the school of kick it hard and talk much shit with a solo album on the way(as soon he’s gets off his fat ass). Word to yer nana. Listen
WIZARD is an aspiring rapper, traditional artist, and animator. Born in Berlin, Germany, The Wizard has lived in Berlin, Toledo, and for the past ten years, Iowa City. The Wizard is currently living in Berlin, but plans to drop ill rhymes over dope beats this summer when he returns to Iowa City in early June. His wizardly knowledge drops here.
PROSE AND DJ EARL-E are currently based in California, after a long stretch on the farm team here in Iowa. They were too dope to not have on this tape. Listen
456 FMG (Future Movement Group) is based out of Cedar Rapids with members all over the US.
KIDPHILOSOPHY is sittin’ pretty 4 months into his musical adventure. He is the sexiest MC who spits his flow in your direction. Love him and show him love. The favor will be returned.
DEKIN DON A.K.A. BigDus was born in Chicago and raised in Iowa City. He focuses on a style that is laden with over the top metaphors, and witty punchlines. Dekin is also a part of AV COLLECTIVE. Listen
MIKE VICIOUS is a rapper, producer and member of ILLTH and AV COLLECTIVE. Find out more at Phat Ass Music
PURIST was born and raised in Iowa, and is determined to become a mainstay of the midwest’s underground hip-hop scene and finally put Iowa on the map. Listen
THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY is a former Iowa Citian (now in Austin) and company. Check them out here.
ION raps and produces his own tracks. His debut album drops April, 2010. He is a world-traveler, mind-unraveler, and heart-breaker. Listen
JARON HASSAAN came from Detroit to Iowa City in the late nineties to attend the University of Iowa. A poet by nature, Hassaan attended the prestigious University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop. He currently is an entrepreneur and lives in Iowa City with his wife and son.
JAMOJAMES “JAMO” MIMS is an Iowa City native who has been producing music for local acts for nearly a decade. Jamo has worked with such artists as Matt Bar, Dave Zollo, Saul Lubaroff, Bad Fathers, Uniphonics, Jaron Hassaan, and many more. Currently Jamo is producing tracks for Matt Bar’s Bible Raps Project, the Uniphonics, and an upcoming album for Jaron Hassaan. Listen
TACK FU is a local institution, dropping albums and TV shows like it ain’t no thing. The godfather rests his head here.
TINKERBOT is a local beatsmith, constructing ephemeral soundtracks and head-nodding bangers. She shares the knowledge here.

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