2010 Jazz Fest Wrap up: Better Late than Never Edition (VIDEO)

Fierce rain may have prevented Dr. Lonnie Smith from headlining the final day of the 2010 Jazz Festival, but all is not lost. We still have plenty of quality jazz to get to from the day’s earlier performances. So, what are we waiting for?

First up we have Lake Street Dive, hailing from Boston, Mass., followed by the Paul Smoker Notet. Both groups were a delight, but the powerful vocals of Lake Street Drive were particularly satisfying. Be sure to give them a listen.

Finally, we conclude with performances by the Nate Jenkins Band and Groove Theory on the local and college stages, respectively. The festival may have been cut short immediately following Groove Theory’s set, but at least we got to see some fireworks, no? That’s assuming you braved the downpour, of course. I called it a quits early and still managed to walk away with a fairly nasty head cold. I hope you fared better, dear readers!

Until next year, lets raise a glass and say farewell to another successful Iowa City Jazz Festival.

Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive

Paul Smoker Notet

Nate Jenkins Band

Groove Theory

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