17th Annual Elvis tribute to swoon audiences, benefit the Crisis Center

The King!
Rock out to The King for a good cause this Saturday at Gabe’s.

17th Annual Elvis Tribute/Benefit

Gabe’s – Saturday, January 4 at 7:30 p.m.

17 years is a long time. But to fans of Elvis, dead since 1977, 17 times is not enough times to pay tribute to the peanut butter and ‘naner sandwich smackin’, hunka hunka burnin’ love responsible for introducing blues to the masses and making bedazzled jumpsuits perennially fashionable.

And so, this Saturday at Gabe’s, Elvis’ tradition lives on as a lineup of local musicians put their own spin on his classics at the 17th Annual Elvis Tribute/Benefit. The show starts at 7:30, costs a mere $3 (or one non-perishable food item) and features the likes of Porch Builder, Nic Arp, The Rev. S. Gene Webster and more. Proceeds go to the Crisis Center’s food bank.

The annual Elvis Tribute is a fun way to memorialize a legend and hear some inventive covers of the songs you’ve heard so many times before. Pelvises will gyrate … ladies will swoon … someone will inevitably wear blue shoes. Perhaps a choreographed jailhouse brawl will break out? Hard to tell.

If you’re lonesome tonight (er, Saturday night), the tender arms of Elvis fans will be waiting to welcome you. It’s now or never, after all. Well, at least until next year.

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