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Hot Tin Roof is a program to showcase current literary work produced in Iowa City. Each month, a selected piece under 1,000 words is published in Little Village, and the author receives a $100 honorarium.

The series takes its name from a famous play and movie by former Iowa City resident Tennessee Williams, who graduated from the University of Iowa in 1938. He was chosen as the patron saint of this series because his artistic life refused to be confined to work in any one genre. Moreover, it seemed right, given the many acclaimed writers to have lived and worked in Iowa City, to honor one who, at the time, was a relatively obscure undergraduate.

It is a pleasure to invite you to become part of Hot Tin Roof–a sampling of Iowa City’s renowned, yet growing, literary tradition.

Sponsors: Englert Theatre, City of Literature USA, M.C. Ginsberg, Little Village

2015 Submission Deadlines:

December 31, 2014 & June 30, 2015
Any Genre, 1,000 words max

Submit your work to: Please attach your work as a Word Document, PDF, or Rich Text file, and include a 1-2 line bio. Your name and contact information will be removed from your entry and it will be judged anonymously.

The series is designed to highlight new work produced in Iowa City, so entrants must live or work in the Iowa City area at the time of submission. Please include your current address with your submission. The published series will draw from entries submitted in the general call (Deadlines Dec. 31, 2013 and June 30, 2014), and from invited submissions directly requested by the editors. Response time for all submissions is 2-6 months.

Selection/Publishing details

On January 1, 2015 all entries will be anonymized and read by a committee of previous Hot Tin Roof honorees alongside Hugh Ferrer (International Writing Program/UNESCO City of Literature Organization), Andre Perry (Englert Theatre/Mission Creek) and Matt Steele (Little Village). Five pieces will be published in monthly installments, February through June.

June 30 will bring another deadline, and a new season of honorees to be published August through December.


Submitted work must be the intellectual property of the entrant only.

For all published pieces we buy first North American serial rights for the print magazine and first worldwide serial rights for our website. All subsequent rights revert back to the author.

Submit your piece now to


3 thoughts on “Submit to Hot Tin Roof

  1. “Hermaphrodite in Iowa”  by a certain Vi Khi Nao published in August 2011 was just below even the lowest standards of word abuse. Utterly insipid would be a major compliment. Bordering on retarded, a a slightly more favorable description. (The three judges coates in tar and feathers are to be safely escorted out of Iowa City ; ) …

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