Local high school students are energized to vote, and principals and teachers hope to stoke it

The 2018 midterm election, widely regarded as one of the most important elections in recent history, is underway. Candidates nationwide have focused less on swaying voters and more on mobilizing them, particularly those who have never voted before. And one […]

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Cedar Rapids’ Xavier High School upholds Catholic doctrine at the expense of LGBTQ students

On March 21, an article published in Washington High School’s newspaper, The Surveyor, split the Cedar Rapids community in two. “The Fight for LGBTQ Rights” by Sarah Altemeier and Quinn Wilcox centered around an open letter written by former Xavier […]

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Sexuality, gossip, confusion and Catholic school

I don’t need another drink but say I need another drink as I read the situation, one I’ve found myself facing for the past year or so. I’m attracted to women, but don’t know how to view it without a lens. Media portrayals say it’s hot, Catholicism says it’s not. Sexuality clouded by a sea of confusion. […]

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