Show Preview/Album Review: The Wandering Bears at The Mill, 9/24/11

The Wandering Bears will play this Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Mill, sharing a fantastic bill with Iowa City’s Datagun and opening for Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps. The Wandering Bears craft smart, unique pop tunes with substance and catchy hooks. Their songs are about men and women and the stupid things we do to each other, but with a mix of sweet reminiscence, real heartbreak, and… […]

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Show Preview: The Wandering Bears/The Western Front – The Mill 6/15/10

The two bands are set to take off on a wild month long tour to the west coast, up the coast, and back. Considering that these are two of Iowa City’s staple local acts, and that they both kick ass, this is an occasion you don’t want to miss. The Wandering Bears just released their self-titled and self-released bombshell of a record in June and have been taking the world by storm ever since.


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The Wandering Bears

Iowa City indie pop quintet, The Wandering Bears, have offered up a potluck, of sorts, for their self-titled debut. The Bears have cribbed a little bit from nearly every great left-of-center pop act and placed it all in front of you in heaping, steaming, well-produced portions.

The group, comprised of members of The Western Front and Vagabonds, opens with the glitchy, down-tempo, electropop number “William S. Burroughs Teaches Photography” (they also have a knack for whip-smart-alec titles), followed by the alt-country swagger of “Tom Bodett Rearranges his Living Room.” […]

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