SILT, Awful Purdies collaborate on music video to raise awareness of loss of farmland

With the release of a music video to the song “Common Ground” by the Awful Purdies, the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) is hoping to raise awareness about the ongoing loss of Iowa farmland to development and the challenges facing new farmers — and showcase the SILT’s effort to protect the land and support a new farming generation. […]

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Iowa farmer sells land to sustainable farming non-profit

Instead of selling their land to the highest bidder, Joe and Susan Driscoll, of Honey Creek, Iowa, decided to set it aside for a non-profit teaching farm run by Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) The Driscolls sold 53 of their 80 acres at a discounted rate rather than watch it go to seed. SILT will […]

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