Iowa Supreme Court slashes abortion rights protections, Reynolds calls decision ‘a significant victory’

Just four years after its landmark decision establishing the fundamental right to an abortion as not only protected by the Iowa Constitution, but having greater protection under the state constitution than under the U.S. Constitution, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled […]

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Iowa Supreme Court rules out-of-state medical marijuana card is no defense against possession charge

Possessing a valid medical marijuana card issued by another state is not enough to stop someone from being convicted of possession of marijuana in Iowa, a divided Iowa Supreme Court decided in a ruling handed down on Friday. The 4-3 […]

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Mask mandate issued for all Iowa courthouses by Chief Justice Susan Christensen

Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court Susan Christensen issued a face mask requirement for all of Iowa’s courthouses on Friday afternoon, which requires everyone entering a courthouse to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. “This requirement applies statewide […]

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