Cedar Rapids will start using its speed cameras on I-380 ‘soon’

Cedar Rapids will start using its speed cameras on I-380 to issue tickets again “soon,” Mayor Brad Hart announced during his State of the City speech on Wednesday. Hart seemed to acknowledge that the decision is unpopular by prefacing his announcement with, “You probably don’t want to hear this,” before claiming the cameras are almost […]

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Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of Cedar Rapids’ I-380 speed cameras

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Cedar Rapids’ speed cameras are legal. The decision came in a class action lawsuit that argued the city’s use of speed cameras, and its contracting of a private company that profits from the speeding fines to operate the cameras and issue tickets, violated a driver’s right to due process. […]

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Lawsuits over Cedar Rapids I-380 speed cameras are headed to the Iowa Supreme Court

No city in Iowa has made more money from traffic cameras than Cedar Rapids. But two cases challenging the city’s use of traffic cameras on Interstate 380, which were recently accepted for further review by the Iowa Supreme Court, may change that. If the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, the city may have to refund some of the fines it has collected. It may also face lawsuits for violating the rights of people ticketed because of the cameras. […]

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