Cedar Rapids City Council votes to refund or cancel $17 million in fines to settle a lawsuit over traffic cameras

The Cedar Rapids City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to settle a class action lawsuit that challenged the methods the city used to collect unpaid traffic camera fines. The lawsuit was filed in January 2018, a month after the city sent 221,000 notices to people with unpaid traffic camera citations, telling them to pay up or the outstanding amount would be sent to the Iowa Department of Administrative Service’s offset program for collection. […]

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Cedar Rapids issued more than 26,000 traffic tickets during first month after its speed cameras were reactivated

Cedar Rapids issued more than 26,000 citations in the first month of operating its traffic cameras since 2017, potentially bringing in more than $1.4 million in revenue. From the 26,424 citations issued in July, 26,103 were for speeding and 321 were for running a red light. Around 25,800 of the speeding tickets were issued from the cameras on I-380. […]

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Lawsuits over Cedar Rapids I-380 speed cameras are headed to the Iowa Supreme Court

No city in Iowa has made more money from traffic cameras than Cedar Rapids. But two cases challenging the city’s use of traffic cameras on Interstate 380, which were recently accepted for further review by the Iowa Supreme Court, may change that. If the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, the city may have to refund some of the fines it has collected. It may also face lawsuits for violating the rights of people ticketed because of the cameras. […]

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