‘This fight isn’t over’: Iowa City’s student-led gun reform movement, one year after Parkland

Before news of the shooting in Parkland, Florida started to spread through City High on Feb. 14, 2018, I was mostly worried about the flower I was giving to my newly minted boyfriend, Theo, for Valentine’s Day. That’s what my teenage life feels like: Every little thing is the decision of a lifetime, until something big throws life into harsh chiaroscuro. […]

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‘I sure as hell won’t be erased’: South East Junior High students march for transgender rights on Election Day

As people crowded into polling places on the University of Iowa’s campus on Tuesday afternoon, a group of students from Iowa City’s South East Junior High School marched to the campus to show support for transgender rights. Two eighth-graders, Sam and Lucas, mounted the steps of Schaeffer Hall to rally their fellow students, who had […]

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