Six of our favorite performances at Public Space One

Photo by Amber Ginsberg via Flickr

As of today, the future of Public Space One is still unclear.

Live performances are expected to transition into PS1’s sister location, PSZ, though venue director John Engelbrecht isn’t ruling out proposals to retain PS1 as a performance space on some level. PS1 will likely operate in an entirely different capacity should discussions with city officials prove fruitful. […]

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The Kids These Days

The early show at Public Space One got Tuesday night off to an energetic start, beginning with Ames/Iowa City band So Much Fun. After an hour of solving the band’s technical problems, lead singer Nick Miller and his megaphone feverishly galloped about the Jefferson building announcing that the show was about to begin, but not […]

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3/30/10: Mission Creek (Photos)

Here are some pics from Tuesday night’s Mission Creek shows PS1: So Much Fun, Happy Chromosomes, Replacing the Robots, Dinosaur Feathers Mill: Mondo Drag, Birds and Batteries, Cave Singers Also re: MCIC 2010 Tuesday: Kent Williams on the Mill show + Lady Espina at the Yacht Club Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photos by Matt Butler […]

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