Iowa City doctors launch COVID-19 safety program for businesses nationwide

A winking yellow smiley face, complete with mask, grins from the front window of Iowa City downtown anchor store Active Endeavors. Inside, customers find a skeleton crew of masked employees who, after completing a daily health-related self-certification, spend the day […]

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Johnson County and 35 other Iowa counties are suing opioid manufacturers

Johnson County, along with 35 other Iowa counties, is suing five major manufacturers of prescription opioids for what the counties claim are deceptive marketing and sales practices that fueled the current opioid crisis.. “The crisis was precipitated by Defendants who, through nefarious and deceptive means and using one of the biggest pharmaceutical marketing campaigns in history, carefully engineered and continue to support a dramatic shift in the culture of prescribing opioids by falsely portraying both the risks of addiction and abuse and the safety and benefits of long-term use,” according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Des Moines on Jan. 5. […]

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First survey of the health of Iowa’s LGBTQ community has begun

A first of its kind health survey of Iowa’s LGBTQ community is now underway. The Iowa Cancer Consortium, in partnership with One Iowa, the University of Iowa College of Public Health and Des Moines University, is sponsoring the survey. “Basically we saw the need for more data,” Levi Lappin of the Iowa Cancer Consortium explained. “There’s not much health data for the LGBTQ community at the state-level.” But that’s not an issue unique to Iowa, he said. […]

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