Sexuality, gossip, confusion and Catholic school

I don’t need another drink but say I need another drink as I read the situation, one I’ve found myself facing for the past year or so. I’m attracted to women, but don’t know how to view it without a lens. Media portrayals say it’s hot, Catholicism says it’s not. Sexuality clouded by a sea of confusion. […]

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A reading list for Gabe Erickson

In an op-ed published yesterday by the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Diversity Focus’ Gabe Erickson asks, “Why is Rachel Dolezal held to a different principle than Bruce Jenner?” The article continues: “No one said Bruce is falsely portraying himself as a woman or called him a fraud.” (That, in fact, is not true.) Erickson’s op-ed begins […]

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Eat it: a (very NSFW) playlist

Pride is upon us once more! In honor of the month-long sex- and identity-positive bacchanal, we offer this humble (i.e., not exhaustive, so if we missed something, do tell!) playlist of odes to eating…well, you know. Enjoy! 1. “Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again” Marvin Gaye, 1976 “Ah I’m gonna give the ultimate love, baby, […]

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