Ben Westhoff’s ‘Fentanyl, Inc.’ is the most frightening book of the year, and it’s mandatory reading

First a spoiler alert: Among the multiple apocalyptic revelations in Ben Westhoff’s Fentanyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic is sour news for all hard drug users, from casual weekend abusers to full-time cocaine cowboys. In light of developments presented in this epic book in gruesome […]

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FilmScene’s featured Oscar contenders continue with ‘Beautiful Boy,’ a familiar but effective addiction narrative

You know this story. Whether or not you’ve read David Sheff’s memoir Beautiful Boy or Nic Sheff’s memoir Tweak, you’ve likely heard — or lived — the film’s central scenario: a parent tries desperately to save their drug-addicted child, but finds his best efforts further alienate or enable the child’s behavior; the child, meanwhile, struggles […]

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For patients in pain, opioid dependence may be a necessary evil

It had been about a year since my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He’d had a tumor removed from his heart and hadn’t returned to work. Sitting in an armchair in our living room, watching Wayne Brady on The Price Is Right, my dad seemed stuck in some sort of outpatient purgatory. When I walked […]

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