UR Here: Rethinking the gnat

Gnats, oh gnats

Those pesky clouds of airborne annoyance come around every spring, but they’ve been especially bad this year. Chalk it up to this year’s cool spring and heavy rains, says Patrick O’Malley from the Iowa State University Extension. Mother Nature’s vichyssoise stewed up an extra-heaping helping of the buggers, and then the sudden heat of late May shot them out of our backyard swamps, all at once, faster than you can say “Anton Arcane” (an arcane reference for the Swamp Thing fans out there).

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John Dilg Lecture: Retracing the Path of the Labyrinth–A Close Look at Tom Aprile’s Real and Mythic Daily Exits

This Wednesday, Sept. 28, UI Painting and Drawing Professor John Dilg presents a lecture on the work of the late Iowa City Sculptor, Tom Aprile. The UIMA has curated a presentation of Aprile’s work, currently on disply in the North Reading Room on the second floor of the UI Main Library. […]

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