Artist Jordan Weber explores the intersection of climate and racial violence in collaboration with Cedar Rapids museums

Jordan Weber first began meditating when he was a junior in high school, with visions of professional basketball in his future. He read the book Sacred Hoops by long-time NBA player and coach Phil Jackson, which in turn led him to seminal Western practice text Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. “I was extremely lucky to find […]

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Sheltering at their parents’ house in Iowa City, the Bassuk sisters are expanding their eclectic jewelry brand — and giving back

From paprika and dog treats to glitter and obscenities, there is almost no limit to what Leela and Maya Bassuk will put into resin. Over Winter Break, the two sisters — both Iowa City West High grads — bought some epoxy resin and started playing around with it, inspired by artsy resin videos on Instagram. […]

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