Pond Hockey Movie Review

Pond Hockey Documentary, 79 min Directed by Tommy Haines Landlocked: Saturday, August 23, 3:00pm Pond Hockey is a documentary no hockey fan should miss. But it would be a shame if only hockey fans were to see it, because, like all good sports movies, it’s about the forces that nurture and threaten what truly brings […]

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Illegal Use of Joe Zopp Movie Review

Illegal Use of Joe Zopp Narrative, 90 min Directed by Sarah Rykal Landlocked: Saturday, August 23, 9:30pm Filmmakers constrained by a cheaper-than-dirt budget often turn to horror or shoot-em-up action for their first movie foray. In these dark and gritty cinemascapes, the limits of DIY filmmaking can actually enhance a film instead of hinder it. […]

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Alicja Wonderland Movie Review

Alicja Wonderland Short Film Directed by Martin Gauvreau Landlocked: Thursday, August 21, 8:35pm Alicja Wonderland is a surreal Polish exploration of human emotions. Those emotions are a bit hard to discern, however, as the mostly linear plot is interrupted several times by Alicja, a woman who is both reading the story unfolding in a different […]

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