LV’s December Beer of the Month: You Be You by Kalona Brewing Company

It’s cold — or at least it’s supposed to be cold in December. Regardless, it’s not an ideal time of the year for citrusy and tropical IPAs. They’re still drinkable, sure, but much less fitting (double IPAs are a different story, however.) Stouts, including imperial stouts, are a much better fit for the cold temperatures […]

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New Pi Co-op continues collaborative beer series with ‘Transporter,’ a granola porter

The New Pioneer Food Co-op is partnering with Iowa brewers and food producers on a series of locally-flavored collaboration beers. Brewed with ingredients or products sourced from Iowa, the beers are part of New Pioneer’s commitment to connect consumers with local producers — and to fill the store’s shelves with tasty brews, said Melissa Arp, […]

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Chicken Little Reviews: Kalona Brewing Company

Chicken Little Reviews

Kalona Brewing Company 405 B Avenue, Kalona, Iowa Over the past year, the number of craft breweries in Iowa has grown from 40 to 52, with seven more currently in the planning stages of opening. This increase reflects a nationwide trend in both the food and beverage worlds of returning to local and small-scale production […]

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Sucha Much IPA is LV’s April 2014 brew of the month

Sucha Much IPA

The Kalona Brewing Company’s signature IPA, Sucha Much, was named after a song by Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans titled “She’s Such a Much.” According to Lew Brewer, Kalona’s co-owner and head brewer, the song is about a girl who is “such a much.” “We just felt that way about the beer,” he said. While […]

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