Linn County Attorney answers questions about the wrongful arrest that is costing the county $285,000

On Wednesday, Linn County announced it would pay $285,000 to Joseph McBride to settle a lawsuit alleging the county and County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden violated McBride’s rights by having him arrested and jailed for more than two months for a crime McBride didn’t commit. McBride had been arrested at his Arizona home in October for a home invasion robbery in Cedar Rapids that occurred early on New Year’s Day 2017. McBride was charged with the crime largely on the strength of the victim saying he recognized McBride in a Facebook photo. […]

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Linn County will pay $285,000 to a man wrongly arrested because of a photo on Facebook

Linn County announced on Wednesday it is paying $285,000 to settle a federal lawsuit against the county and County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden. Joseph McBride had filed the lawsuit earlier this month, claiming that his rights had been violated when Vander Sanden signed an arrest warrant containing false information that led to McBride being arrested and jailed for two months.

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Man wrongly arrested for robbery because he was Facebook friends with other suspects sues Linn County

On Wednesday, Joseph McBride filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Linn County and Jerry Vander Sanden, the county attorney, violated his rights by having him arrested and jailed last year for a robbery committed in Cedar Rapids in January 2017. McBride spent approximately two months in custody, before all charges against him were dropped. […]

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