Catching up with Zach Wahls, new state senator

“We tried to get all three of the Zachs in the front row next to each other, but they didn’t go for it,” Zach Wahls says with a laugh. Wahls is standing inside the Iowa Senate Chamber on the top floor of the capitol building, proudly pointing to his desk near the front of the […]

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Iowa Senate Ethics Committee holds four-minute meeting on sexual misconduct complaint against Sen. Nate Boulton, dismisses complaint

The Iowa State Senate Ethics Committee unanimously dismissed a sexual harassment complaint against Sen. Nate Boulton on Thursday. The meeting to consider the complaint filed against Boulton by Des Moines attorney Sharon Wegner lasted only four minutes. The committee didn’t examine the merits of Wegner’s complaint, ruling instead that because the alleged incident occurred in […]

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Iowa Senate amends hate crime bill after death of Burlington transgender teenager

Following the death of a transgender teenager in Burlington last week, the Iowa Senate passed an amendment to the state’s hate crimes statute to protect transgender individuals, adding to its wording “gender identity” and “gender expression.” According to the Burlington Hawkeye, Kedarie Johnson, 16, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in an alley on […]

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