Bill to punish cities for not fully enforcing federal immigration laws advances in state legislature

Supporters of the bill say it is aimed at forcing so-called “sanctuary cities” to comply with federal law, even though there are no sanctuary cities in Iowa. Some cities in the state, such as Iowa City, have decided not to have their police departments assist federal immigration officers in the performance of their duties, except in cases involving public safety. […]

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Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and Iowa Women’s basketball members team up in new video

With over 95,000 Iowans living with long term disability from brain injuries, it’s no wonder the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa (BIAIA) has a mission of creating a better future through brain injury prevention, advocacy, education, research and support for all Iowans. The next step in that mission is teaming up with the University of Iowa Women’s basketball program to raise awareness through a video highlighting the importance of wearing helmets in reducing brain injuries. […]

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Report on sexual harassment in the Iowa State Senate Republican caucus says staffers fear retaliation if they speak up

The report that Iowa Senate President Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, claimed clearly showed that the Senate Republican caucus no longer has a problem with sexual harassment was finally released on Friday, as most Iowans were busy with Black Friday shopping and Thanksgiving leftovers. The redacted two-page long report is light on details, but documents that staffers fear retaliation if they report problems and that problems go beyond staff and include the actions of Republican senators. […]

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