Despite pandemic deficit, Kirk Ferentz collected full salary, bowl-game bonus for 2020

As the University of Iowa Athletics Department was facing a massive financial shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, a number of the department’s employees accepted, voluntarily or otherwise, reduced salaries and bonuses. Among these employees were head coach of men’s basketball Fran McCaffrey (who volunteered for a $255,000 salary cut), […]

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Eight former Hawkeyes demand firing of Ferentzes and Gary Barta, $20 million in restitution

Uncertainty over whether the Big 10 conference would compete this fall football season has dominated conversations in the past few months. But this week, with the Iowa Hawkeyes preparing for a postponed season opener in West Lafayette, Indiana on Saturday, a potential lawsuit has shifted focus back to allegations of racial discrimination within the University […]

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University of Iowa suspends ticket sales for 2020 football season as it tries to figure out how social distancing will work at Kinnick

The University of Iowa Athletics Department said on Monday that it “has paused ticket sales for the 2020 football season.” “Only individuals who have renewed season tickets and completed per-seat contributions by June 30 will be included in potential Kinnick Stadium seating plans,” according to a UI Athletics press release. The department said the pause […]

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Brock About Town: Sportsball

A few weeks ago, I boldly went where this humor columnist has never gone before: a football game. I feel like it was against Middle Tennessee? Never let it be said that I haven’t stepped outside my comfort zone in the interest of journalism. You might well ask, “Audrey, how is it that you lived here your entire life and graduated from the University of Iowa […]

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Townie Hawk: Iowa football’s greatest hits and misses

If you’ve watched the Hawks for any length of time, you know that they’ve got a few go-to plays that are the bread and butter of their game. Sit through a single series, and you quickly realize that our offensive strategy is to run two out of every three downs. Yet, in the UNI and Wisconsin games there was some spark of a passing game that sent Hawkeye hearts aflutter. […]

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Homecoming week hits Iowa City

Homecoming Week!

Homecoming is finally upon us! To celebrate, the University of Iowa is hosting events all throughout the week, culminating with a parade, coronation and concert set for Friday, Oct. 10 — the day before Iowa takes on Indiana. The homecoming parade — a fixture in downtown Iowa City for decades — kicks off on Friday […]

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