Iowa House Republicans push through an amendment to add anti-abortion language to the Iowa Constitution

Shortly after 9 on Wednesday night, the Republican-controlled Iowa House of Representatives passed a constitutional amendment to eliminate the existing protection for abortion rights in Iowa. The vote was 55-44, with three Republicans — Jane Bloomingdale of Northwood, Lee Hein of Monticello and David Maxwell of Gibson — joining all the chamber’s Democrats in opposing […]

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Gov. Kim Reynolds calls for an anti-abortion amendment to the Iowa Constitution

Gov. Kim Reynolds called for adding an anti-abortion amendment to the Iowa Constitution in her Condition of the State speech on Tuesday. “As we begin 2020, I’m focused on the overall wellness of all Iowans, in every part of the State, in all stages of life,” the governor said early in her speech. “And when I say all stages of life, I mean to include the unborn.

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