Gov. Reynolds signs so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ bill, which she said was aimed at ‘far-left liberals in Des Moines and Iowa City’

On Tuesday, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed SF 481, the so-called “sanctuary cities bill,” into law. Reynolds didn’t issue a statement, but two months ago, she hailed the bill as a way to “send a message to the far-left liberals in Des Moines and Iowa City.” […]

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Bill aimed at punishing Iowa City over immigration passes Iowa House

A bill that would strip so-called “sanctuary cities” of state funds was approved the Iowa House of Representatives on Tuesday, even though several Democrats speaking in opposition to the bill pointed out that no city in Iowa meets the U.S. Justice Department’s definition of a sanctuary city. […]

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‘I’m 12 years old, and I don’t want to be murdered’: Iowa City’s March for Our Lives protests political inaction on school shootings

Freezing temperatures and several inches of newly fallen snow weren’t enough to stop Students Against School Shootings Iowa (SASS) from leading a protest march from College Green Park to the University of Iowa’s Pentacrest on Saturday. […]

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