What happens when you take a joke to its grave? Find out Friday at Green Gravel Comedy Festival

Following comedy legend Andy Kaufman’s death in 1984, the character of Tony Clifton — the lounge singer with the pornstar moustache, known for his belligerence and berating his audience — lives on through a puzzle of impersonators, including Bob Zmuda. […]

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A-List: Helltrap Nightmare’s Sarah ‘Squirm’ Sherman and Julia Dratel talk comedy and the grotesque

In anticipation of their headlining show at the Green Gravel Comedy Festival on Saturday, May 13 I spoke with Helltrap Nightmare head writer/performer Sarah “Squirm” Sherman and producer/collaborator Julia Dratel as they traveled by van to their next performance on the East Coast leg of their tour. Their overlapping answers (as each jumped into the midst of the other’s sentence) are represented here. […]

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Green Gravel Comedy Fest: ‘Too Many Cooks’ creator heading to Iowa City, more announcements to follow

Lee Keeler, organizer of The Green Gravel Comedy Festival, an Iowa alternative comedy festival that began last year, announced today that the 2015 festival… […]

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