Gov. Reynolds doesn’t have a plan to address school shootings, but thinks students and the federal government could do more

At her weekly press conference on Monday, Gov. Kim Reynolds said the federal government needs “to take the responsibility to do some things” to prevent future mass school shooting like the one in Parkland, Florida last week. She also called on “parents and students, school faculty and staff and members of the community to be especially vigilant for signs of potential violence.” […]

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2018 Iowa caucuses will be held on Monday night

Normally, Iowa caucuses during years without a presidential race are sedate, even dull, affairs focused on party policy issues and selecting local party leaders. But thanks to a crowded field for the Democratic Party nomination for governor some of this year’s caucuses may prove to be more lively and more important than normal. […]

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Gov. Reynolds sued for ‘unlawful misuse of state funds’

The ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee in the Iowa House of Representatives, Chris Hall of Sioux City, is suing Gov. Kim Reynolds for her use of $13 million from the State Economic Emergency Fund to balance the state budget in September. In the lawsuit filed on Tuesday in the state district court for Polk County, Hall alleges that Reynolds actions constituted an “unlawful misuse of state funds.” The lawsuit also names Director of Iowa Department of Management David Roederer for his role in carrying out the transfer of funds the governor ordered. […]

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