Rubbed Raw

I often find myself examining my hands because I’m unaccustomed to these marks. I have, what one of my uncles once called, a cushy desk job. I am a data analyst, spending most of my days at a computer or in meetings, not working with my hands the way others do. I am probably one […]

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UR Here: Flood Stories

As our community continues to recover from our greatest disaster ever, flood stories are piling up like sandbags near the riverbank. Personal stories of homes destroyed, of the kindness of strangers, of grit and determination, of remarkable generosity, and of watery amazement are all entering the annals of our community experience and history. I’d like […]

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To Protect Through Fear

The call came at 1:30 in the morning–from a friend in distress. Earlier in the evening we had developed a plan. Anyone could see by that point that the six days of sandbagging would not pay off. He was to box a few valuables tonight to facilitate the move in the morning. The city had […]

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